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Two interviews with Kevin Warwick. He doesn't call himself a "transhumanist" but that's the term you need to google really. This podcast deals mainly with the notion that people are on the verge of being able to fuse themselves with kinetic technologies. Kevin is a really genuine bloke and I enjoyed meeting him in person for the TV show we did, "Esoteria". I discovered today that you can buy an audio version of it for £6 on iTunes. F. that, I'll copy you it for free if you really wanna watch it. No one's giving me any of that £6 I'll tell you that much.

Anyway, in this podcast I mention an article I wrote recently for which has gathered its own momentum since I recorded this. I'll focus on it a little more next week.

In the meantime I am find-able on

Hope you enjoy the podcast.


PS The picture is of a mannequin taking a dump... dunno if you can see it or not, still working out how pictures work...

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