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On this podcast we're looking back into the archives and listening to a classic couple of interviews from Patrick Heron. He's one of my favourite esoteric writers. An entertaining listen and a good insight into the roots of conspiracy theory culture, the majority of which comes from The Bible.

What also interests me about his angle is that this take on things is, roughly speaking, the kind of perspective people like George Bush and other Christians who operate at the peak of the political world use.

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I've been a fan of Alex Jones for as long as I can remember. The interview here makes that obvious. What's interesting is that I push him to speak about his religious beliefs as I believe that is crucial to understanding how his mindset works.

Many of the people who oppose the big brother state and further extensions of Government and bureaucratic power do so because they're coming from a spiritual perspective. Most arguments in favour of it see ideas such as ID chips, anti-terror laws and CCTV cameras as simply being "rational" solutions to many of the problems in our world. It is therefore interesting to note the "irrational" mindset of some of their fiercest critics.

I do not use the word "irrational" as a term of abuse here. I believe people are fundementally irrational. From a purely rational point of view there's no beauty in a flower and love is just a chemical reation in your brain. Rationalism...

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In 1994 Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty took a million pounds to a deserted boathouse on the island of Jura and burnt it. The writer JMR Higgs looked at this event from a magickal perspective and came up with some interesting results. The story involves the world's first joke religion, the JFK assasination, Robert Anton Wilson, Alan Moore and a bunch of ideas collectively known as "Chaos Magick".

This week is an entirely new interview, the previous lot have all been unedited bits from the Nick Margerrison archives.

If you're interested in "sigils" which we get to talking about right at the end of the interview go to the website where I've written some short essays on the topic. Once there you're looking for "Essays for the Discordian Occultist".

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A "true" story of Jesus this week. It's based upon the book "The Masks Of Christ" and is another piece taken from the archives. Lynn and Clive featured on my TV show "Esoteria" a year or so after this interview. This is one of my personal favourites. The book had a big impact on me. It freaks me out to actually think that Jesus was a real person. He looked up at the same sun and moon we do. Quite interesting to think of him like that as opposed to the contrasting myths we get in the books of the bible.

Nick Margerrison

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