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You are not just a machine:

New Years Revolution:

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The clips from various world media sources come from this video here:

The podcast is fairly self explanatory.

The music comes from

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The excerpt I reading from comes from this excellent blog:

The guests featured are: Bitcoin Trader Buttons, ZeroFriendsRecordings and David Pryke.

I had minor problems compressing this and uploading it. In the event it doesn't sound right, do tell me.

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081 The Cult Of Nick: Space chips and cheaters

Interviews from the archive:

Joey Greco is surmised by Seth MacFarlane as "the guy who was on Cheaters, and got stabbed on camera". He did the show for 12 seasons and his personal website is here.

*cop starts breakdancing*

Paul Marks used to tolerate my bullshit on the old show frequently. His twitter is here.

The "Jeremy Bile" sketch is old and prolly only makes sense to UK listeners, which narrows it down to about 1/3 of the audience according to the last lot of stats I saw.

The music, which is particularly good in this episode I think, is provided by

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I name this YouTube video in and among the chaos of this particular podcast:


The show is built mainly using my archive. It features excerpts from the music of


My Twitter is here.


Nick Margerrison

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This episode carries some awesome music from our good friends at it's got one of my favourite UFO researchers, who I'm amazed I've not already uploaded to the podcast... and... in the event I have, err, sorry, I couldn't find it. His name is Mike Cohen. Also we've got Ben Shelef talking about a Space Elevator.

My twitter address is here:

The bit right at the end of the podcast is from a phone in where we took calls and had people who rang in answering the so-called blasphemy challenge of YouTube fame: THE BLASPHEMY CHALLENGE

Nick Margerrison

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Never before put out in this form the interview here with David Wilcock needed to be edited to cut it on the show, which was quite fast paced compared to this podcast. I love the idea that meditating and sending good vibes out would fix stuff. I really do.

The other interview is with Simon LeVay. Again, never aired in this form. I think they sound better longer but it is the nature of radio, you have to cut stuff because that way more people will listen. Narrows your message. With the internet you can speak in multiple formats and only irritate people who can easily ignore you. The conseqeunce of this is you end up projecting a multiple medium message. And stuff...

I'm in a waffling mood.

Hope you dig this podcast.

The music is from here:

And don't forget, Discordianism is a joke religion!


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The Law of Projection is a source of amazement to the people who discover it. You're hearing it on a little culty podcast. I wonder if anyone's new to this one and will have the intended "wow" moment when they get into the idea? There's no way of knowing. I've spent the night watching coverage of the Million Mask March. What, what coverage? It was ignored by the media pretty much. Yeah, but it was on twitter and a video link. Doesn't matter if they ignore us now. The mainstream media only ignores such things at the risk of being ignored.

I kind of feel like this podcast should have more of the revolutionary stuff in it but it doesn't. Check out this podcast's timeline if you're looking for that. I notice a few of my pieces were being shared last night as I watched people fan out over London, with their Guy Fawkes masks on. Cult members are realising how well placed they are to handle these debates from the look of my twitter feed at the moment.

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Russell Brand has made a bit of a name for himself by advocating revolution. Seems like precisely the sort of thing we've been talking about for the last year or so, I'm sure that's just a co-incidence.

The music of Zero Friends Recordings features prominently in this one.

The clip of Pope Bob is here.

The clips of Russell Brand are here.

My Twitter is here.

This podcast has a Facebook page here.


Nick Margerrison

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This episode features an interview with James Randi, his website is here:

It also features Howard Bloom, one of the most interesting minds on planet earth at the moment:

The music is from Zero Friends recordings.

This episode also features a mad occult ritual designed to call up a demon. Don't listen if you're scared of such things...

My twitter is the best place to find me:

There's a facebook page here for the podcast:


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Looks like I'm going to be adding a donate button to the podcast. I put a hundred quid in there for hosting costs at the start of all this thinking it'd last me ages, it has, more than a year! I reckon if half the audience pops a quid in we're cool for another year or more, happy days.

This podcast is recorded in a slightly odd way, my spoken bits were done in total ignorance of the interview I was going to pick from the archives. Listening to it I think we picked a good match, Michael Roll from The Campaign For Philosophical Freedom. If enough people agree I might contact him and see how the search for a psychic went.

Music, as always, from

My Twitter is here:

Thanks to Paul Munkey for pointing out that there are two 072 episodes... my mistake!

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Short piece with David Icke, a bigger piece with Bruce Gernon and some words from me.

I mention an idea which I'm currently trying to digest in this podcast, I'd hugely appreciate thoughts on it from fellow CON members. It's "the oversoul" idea. The god mind, the secret doctrine, this notion that there's a form of biological internet that envelopes the earth and provides ideas to people. I don't see why people believe in it, at all. If you do try and explain why in a comment on this blog

Music on this podcast, as usual, from


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This interview is from the Kerrang archives. It caused a huge controversey at the time because it was offensive to people who claimed to be party of Anonymous group. It's not an overly critical interview but, if you're familiar with my style, it's not unusual particularly for me to let guests speak for themselves.

The music on this podcast is from Zero Friends Recordings.

My twitter is here. Tweet me and tell me what you make of the exercise at the end.

Nick Margerrison

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This episode of the podcast features a live interview with Nick Pope who used to work for the ministry of defence. It also features this rant from the blog.

The music from the podcast is here.

My twitter is here.

The show's facebook page is here.

Nick Margerrison

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I kick off with a rant taken from my Twitter and written up on my blog.

Guests this week include archive interviews with Paul Tait (their website appears to be down at the moment) and Richard Wiseman (his excellent blog is here).

The music is from Zero Friends Recordings and our album is available to purchase here. Every time someone buys it a poor musician and broke broadcaster cry tears of joy!

Thanks to everyone who has continued to support The Cult Of Nick!

Nick Margerrison

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The Cult Of Nick looks at UFOs and ETs today with an interview from the archives featuring Tom Montalk.

Tom's internet home is here.

The music on this podcast is from Zero Friends Recordings, where you can still buy a copy of the first part of album we've been working on.

My Twitter is here.

Nick Margerrison

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Travis Verge caused a major stir with his story of demonic possession. This interview is in two halves, one is the story and the second is the same story but with a few extra questions in the name of my producer's sanity at the time.

There are two monologues on this podcast, both taken from the blog:

My Twitter is here:

This podcast's facebook page is here

The music on this is from ZERO FRIENDS RECORDINGS go there to find part one of the album we've been working on.

Nick Margerrison

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An old interview with Armando Iannuci (Alan Partridge, The Day Today, The Thick Of It) comes out of the archive this week. Never broadcast in this form it's available for the first time now.

Also The Cult Of Nick's plans for the podcast to jump from hundreds of listeners to thousands in one month are outlined. Once you have downloaded the instructions into your brainium success is assured...

The occult symbolism inherent in James Bond is explored with the help of Philip Gardiner

And you get a reading of my recent rant: "Why we're not living in 1984 today: 'Orwell's Oversight'"

The music is from ZeroFriendsRecordings

Don't forget folks, that album is here

And my Twitter is

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I’ve kept an eye on the developments taking place in the world of the ‘virtual currency’ Bitcoin. “Buttons” is a guy who traded on forums but he has now had to cease this after his account was closed and his bank became inexplicably uncooperative.

His story is ongoing and, with his permission, we will return to him in the event of any major developments.

Also, on this podcast, I explain the album which a friend and I have made. It can be found here:

I’m on one of the tracks, “The Awakening”.

The rest is the work of ZeroFriendsRecordings and has been designed, with my help, as a meditational aid using the tarot deck’s major arcana. A proportion of the price you pay will go back into funding this podcast's hosting costs. You may recognise them, they've been the music backgrounds to The C.O.N. for a while now.

My twitter is here:

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Today's podcast begins with a new version of "The Global Awakening".

The music on it is from Zero Friends Recordings.

This is followed by an interview with

My Twitter is here.

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This podcast contains an interview with Shirley Phelps-Roper from the Westboro Baptist church, less widely known then than she is nowadays the piece also features gay rights activist Peter Tachell.

Also there's an interview with a couple of people about a film called "Islam: What the west needs to know". It's one view on a very contentious subject.

Right at the end of this podcast is Part 5 of Essays For The Discordian Occultist. These essays will form the spinal collumn of my book but are, in early form, already published in full on

The music on this podcast is from Zero Friends Recordings.

My twitter is here:

Nick Margerrison

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David Oates is here.

His stuff about reverse speech is ace!

The Church Of The SubGenius is here.

The Reverend Ivan Stag, Praise Bob!

My blog is here.

The music is from Zero Friends Recording

The podcast's facebookpage is here.

Rah rah Discordia!

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This episode of The CON features Anthony Peake and Billy Bragg. The former is a literary favourite of mine, his books hang in the void between awesome story telling and genuinely solid research. The latter is possibly more famous in the UK than in the US. However he gives an engaging interview and I suggest overseas listeners look up his work.

Speaking of which...

The music is from

My twitter is here:

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Introducing Poe Boy!

This week's podcast features an interview via Skype. I'm not keen on it, prefer phonelines, but there wasn't any other way. The person we're chatting to has been featured in The Daily Mail, irritated Ricky Gervais and mildly amused Stephen Fry. It's another unique interview to the podcast, I intend to return to the archive next week.

The blog entry which caused this episode: IS HERE

The new music I'm using is from ZER0 FRIENDS RECORDINGS

Our guest's Twitter is HERE

My twitter is here:

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On this podcast we speak to one of the stars of a recent UK TV documentary about our nation's Alien Abduction Hotline, Joanne Summerscales. The group she represents is called AMMACH The Anomalous Mind Management, Abductee, Contactee Helpline.

This is an interview unique to the podcast.

Ammach's website is here:

The website mentioned in the interview is there:

The music on this piece is provided by

Essays For The Discordian Occultist pictures and original article is here:

My twitter is there:

The cult's...

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This is one of the many Icke interviews in my archive, it was initially going to be my firs upload but then I realised you kind of need the background to his belief system for it to really make sense. Hence it's my third upload of an Icke piece rather than the first.

I've left a bit of "off air" banter in there. He is a very friendly chap and would occasionally give us bits of advice and thoughts related to stuff that had happened on the show.

The music I use on this piece is here.

My twitter is here:

David Icke's website is here:



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Tony gives us a rundown of some of his experiences in both the esoteric world and the slightly more predictable world of "the media". Tony has a number of incredible stories to tell and he's always engaging. He gathered quite a following after his appearances on both the old TV and radio shows.

His twitter is here:

My twitter is there:

The music I use on the podcast can be found here:

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Make sure you read this article I wrote here:

It's this which I'm talking to comedian Lee Camp about. His website is here:

Make sure you check this blog post out here:

It's that which I reference in the last bit of the podcast.

Make sure you watch this video here:

It's how I start things off on today's episode.

The interview is with Michael Mott, he's a top ET researcher.

My twitter is here:

And ... the music I use on the...

In reverse order on this week's episode of The Cult Of Nick we have:

Ian R Crane informs us with an alternative perspective on Man Made Global Warming. His website is here:

Eric Steel's first film the bridge is our next topic of conversation. It has an official website here:

We kick off though with Phil Zimbardo who speaks about the Stanford Prison Experiement. His web presence is here:

The brand spanking new Facebooks page is here:

My twitter is here:

The music you can here in the background is here:

The reality TV show Big Brother is clearly an off shoot of The Stanford Prison Experiment. I'm not sure I've heard anyone putting this point to its originator Phil Zimbardo before.

This is the final bonus upload and it means all "The C.O.N." is now available on this podcast stream.

The Cult now has an experimental Facebook page:

My twitter is here: - I prefer twitter, it's better.

The music in the background on this is here:


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Bob and Alice Maeder talk here about their daughter's involvement with the "Heaven's Gate" cult.

There is a fantastic documentary on this subject here:

Don't forget you can contact me on


Music in background:

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An interview with Carmen Reed. Interesting story I think. Give us your thoughts.

Music from:

My twitter:

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The next bonus episode, there's one more of these to come.

It contains The Dream Dudes, Pastor Deacon, Alf The Freegan and Frans De Waal. All of them became legends on the show. There's also a call in there about terrorism, it features my phone in style. Interesting because I'm not sure who I agree with, me or the caller.


Keep sharing these bonus episodes, they're a good introduction to the podcast. Downloads are nice and high at the moment so it's very rewarding putting these together.

My twitter:


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This interview is a compilation of various conversations with Stewart Swerdlow. He covers almost every esoteric conspiracy theory you can imagine. I consider interviews like this to be an exercise in panning for gold. Have fun!

Find me on

Music in background:

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This episode features some very big name guests:

Mark Thomas - excellent comedian and political activist ... oh, and healer.

Peter J Carroll - probably the most respected living occultist in the english speaking world. His works are all classics.

Uri Geller - MrFire?

The reason it's so full of stuff is it's the first six episodes of TheCult Of Nick.

Re-tweet the bejesus out of it.

Facebook it so hard it cries.

And err, you know, tell your friends.

The music in the background (which you can hardly hear) is taken from:

Find me on

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The full unedited Bret "The Hitman" Hart interview we recorded for the old Kerrang show.

Added to this is Part 3 of "Essays For The Discordian Occultist", a series I wrote for, which is gradually gathering a following.

My twitter is here:

The music I use on the podcast is here:

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Rodney Orpheus is a great guest. In my opinion the guy has his pitch just right. A rock and roll star by day and a master occultist by night. What more could you want?

This interview is unique to the podcast and was conducted last week.

I've interviewed him previously, as becomes clear, but I think this is the first time I really manage to tie him down to some of the specifics of what it is The OTO is about. The book he's written is excellent, The Grimoire of Aleister Crowley, but I suggest if you're new to this stuff you start with his first book: Abrahadabra.

Originally I was kicking an old interview of his around then it occured to me that as we're still in reasonably regular contact it'd be odd for me not to buzz him on the phone and set up a little chat.

His twitter is here:

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This interview had a huge effect on me. It really pushed my mind in certain directions. It's controversial at points but emphasises the fact that irrational spirituality can act as a last defence against tyranny.

MUSIC in the background:

My twitter:

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This podcast features an interview with Dr Steven Greer of The Disclosure Project. In my opnion they're one of the most interesting sites as regards ET's/UFO's.

As I say in the podcast, I'm not sure what I think about these matters nowadays but I consider them an important thought exercise at the very least. This interview is an example of where those thoughts can lead.

The music you can hear is here:

My twitter account is here:


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Interview with Jon Ronson from the archives. I’m quite obviously a huge fan of his work. The film we discuss has been posted on Youtube and, while it’s there, I suggest you take a look. Link at the bottom. Title of the film is “Reverend Death”.

The second half of the podcast is the story of watching the Boston attack via Twitter. It’s based on a blog entry on called ‘Watching tragedy unfold online… #blamethebombers’.

Thanks to all the tweeters who helped us all make sense of that particular night. You know who you all are.

Do join me on Twitter:


Jon Ronson film:

"Reverend Death"

Music used in podcast:

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This interview really struck me at the time. I was taken aback by how mundane everything was as the best friend of a serial killer told me about his time as a boy playing games and mucking about.



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Still one of my favourite websites to browse. This interview amuses me because of the gap between a true believer in the field and a casual observer such as myself's realities. Teleportation devices are real? Ace.

MUSIC from:

Direct download: 046_Project_Camelot.mp3
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A belief system is sometimes tricky to spot in the cut and thrust of your average cult member's life. There's nothing wrong with beliefs it's just important to remember how alike to fantasy they are. These two interviews are on the same theme. One of them is about a tribe in the middle of nowhere and the other is from a writer who scribbled out an ace book a few years ago called "Don't Get Fooled Again".

Original interviews with:

Daniel Everett

Richard Wilson

MUSIC from:

Follow me on twitter here:

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Without doubt Stewart Lee cut a heroic figure in my life for a certain period. He was obviously brilliant yet had been totally abandoned by the mainstream for no clear reason. It fascinated me that someone who was so obviously a genius in his field was playing small rooms and doing wilfully odd things at gigs.

This interview was done just before he hit the bigtime for a second time. It's an interesting little period piece in that sense. However, it's very much a fan interview so I suggest you go watch some of his stuff on YouTube first.



Direct download: Stewart_Lee_talks_about_stuff.mp3
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This interview with "Prophet Yaweh" is marked with an "explicit" rating. It's potentially VERY offensive. The point of it is to suggest that you can and do create your own reality by projecting your intent outwards. If your intent is to call down a UFO or ET or Demon, you'd be surprised at the apparent results. I don't suggest you call one, I do think the 50p experiment in the previous podcast might be a better idea.

"and the only reason I was abducted by aliens in Kathmanduin 1994 was because I went to Kathmandu in 1994 to be abducted by aliens! And it works right? And these fuckers, they will turn...

Direct download: PODCAST_43.mp3
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This podcast features an interview with Jerry Gandalfo, an expert in Voodoo. It also contains part 2 of Essays For The Discordian Occultist. This is an audio version of the series I wrote for the website. They're easily found there.

Music you can hear in the background:

My twitter:

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This week's episode of The CON features a couple of interviews with David Shayler. It also contains a cracking comment on the Lucid Dreaming episode which leads me neatly into why that is to be your first step into "the occult".

If you wanna tweet me I'm @nickmargerrison



The track at the end, Benjy's Silver Bullets, is here:

Music you can hear in the background:

Direct download: 041_David_Shayler_an_Ex_MI5_agent_who_now_claims_to_be_Jesus.mp3
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040 Stanton Friedman on aliens & ET contact

Last week's interview with Timothy Good has kind of kicked off a bit of a UFO trip for me at the moment so it's that aspect of the Margerrison archives we're plumbing the depths of again this week.

I also try to explain my Meme launching attempts.

And we get to another interesting lucid dreaming experience.

I'm followable on:

The Adam Entwistle track we end the podcast with is here:

Music you can hear in the background:

Direct download: TheMemeEpisdodes.mp3
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We got some vital feedback to last week's episode in the form of a comment on my blog ( ) which is read out in this week's episode. If you have been trying the lucid dreaming experiments outlined last week put your results into the comments section and we'll look at your experiences soon.

If you do go check out my personal blog, or maybe you're even reading this on it now, there's a big grey iTunes button you can click on to subscribe to the podcast.

A side note here, I forget to mention in this podcast that the interview seems to be me in my full on "true believer" mode where I totally went for the idea that ET's were real. I'm not so sure on all that these days but still consider it possible.

Nick Margerrison


Timothy Good is here:

I reference a film in this podcast, it's here:

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The long promised lucid dreaming episode.

In this week's Cult Of Nick we get into our first proper collective "occult" experiement. We will be following the popular series of essays I wrote for the Disinfo website, "Essays For The Discordian Occultist" over the next few months. I intend to return to this topic

The interviews on this podcast are with Zoe 7 and they are wide ranging. Personally I find it interesting to hear my style pick up so dramatically between the first one and the second.

I seem to remember Zoe was one of our first guests and I really dug his style, even though I might not agree with all his conclusions. Here's his website, he promises an update soon:

PS - a mate of mine wondered how to subscribe to this podcast on iTunes ... go onto my personal blog and click on the grey giant button there, easiest way.

Music you can hear in the...

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Recently David Icke was "confronted" by Jessie Ventura on his TV show. The two men left each other with a bitter taste in their mouths and it makes for irritating viewing. This is the conversation Ventura could have had with Icke about The Lizards if he'd been genuinely interested.

I've mentioned previously that opponents of "The New World Order" are frequently mystically inspired. Icke is no different to Alex Jones in this respect.


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The implications of Rupert Sheldrake's work for occultists are obvious. The implications his ideas might have on science in the long term are huge. That he's not currently accepted as the orthodoxy is an irrelevance. The older you get the more you notice that science shifts in its opinions just as people do. This is partly why I drop in my little essay at the end. Paradigms and ways of thinking are not written onto stone tablets anymore.

If you enjoy the end bit of the podcast you might like an earlier episode called "The Awakening". Have a little look back, it comes just after the Alan Moore interview.


The music you can hear in the background on some of this podcast is from

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This week's podcast features a full unedited inteview from the archives with Glen Carter, the UK President of The Raelian movement. It begins with a quick rundown of my top five small scale religious movements, or "cults".

For me the distinction between a cult and a religion is nothing more than a numbers game. Furthermore I think there's a sense of perspective you can get on religion by looking at the activities of smaller groups who have a much harder time maintaining their reality tunnels in the face of a society which is, in the main, indifferent to their existence.

The clips of Peter H Gilmour are on a previous episode of this podcast.

Say hello to me on if you enjoyed the podcast.

I really will get an email address sorted by the end of next week. Been busy earning money in the real world of commercial radio most of this week.


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David Levy talks about his book Sex With Robots on this podcast. It's a compilation of two of his interviews alongside a couple of others from a similar area including Professor Chris Melhuish from the Bristol Robotics Laboratory and Matt, from Real All these interviews are taken from the archives.

Thanks for downloading. We're getting more interviews lined up for us by a strange process of osmosis where old contacts are bleeding through the podcast and into my line of sight. If you're able to help set one up contact me through twitter:

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On this week's podcast we have four pieces all in one. Firstly there's an interview with, The Head Of The Church Of Satan, Peter H Gilmore*. Secondly there's a chat with one of my favourite living poets Will Stopha. Then there's, Edward Muesch, a guy who survived a tsunami. And finally there's the secret to stopping smoking. Seriously, it worked for me, you read a book and then you will stop. It doesn't scare you, it just convinces you to stop. Listen to the end of the podcast to hear more.

Happy New Year &c

*In the event I find the un-edited version of this I'll whack it up straight away. Little annoying that this has a few early edits on it.

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