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Recently David Icke was "confronted" by Jessie Ventura on his TV show. The two men left each other with a bitter taste in their mouths and it makes for irritating viewing. This is the conversation Ventura could have had with Icke about The Lizards if he'd been genuinely interested.

I've mentioned previously that opponents of "The New World Order" are frequently mystically inspired. Icke is no different to Alex Jones in this respect.


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The implications of Rupert Sheldrake's work for occultists are obvious. The implications his ideas might have on science in the long term are huge. That he's not currently accepted as the orthodoxy is an irrelevance. The older you get the more you notice that science shifts in its opinions just as people do. This is partly why I drop in my little essay at the end. Paradigms and ways of thinking are not written onto stone tablets anymore.

If you enjoy the end bit of the podcast you might like an earlier episode called "The Awakening". Have a little look back, it comes just after the Alan Moore interview.


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This week's podcast features a full unedited inteview from the archives with Glen Carter, the UK President of The Raelian movement. It begins with a quick rundown of my top five small scale religious movements, or "cults".

For me the distinction between a cult and a religion is nothing more than a numbers game. Furthermore I think there's a sense of perspective you can get on religion by looking at the activities of smaller groups who have a much harder time maintaining their reality tunnels in the face of a society which is, in the main, indifferent to their existence.

The clips of Peter H Gilmour are on a previous episode of this podcast.

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David Levy talks about his book Sex With Robots on this podcast. It's a compilation of two of his interviews alongside a couple of others from a similar area including Professor Chris Melhuish from the Bristol Robotics Laboratory and Matt, from Real All these interviews are taken from the archives.

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On this week's podcast we have four pieces all in one. Firstly there's an interview with, The Head Of The Church Of Satan, Peter H Gilmore*. Secondly there's a chat with one of my favourite living poets Will Stopha. Then there's, Edward Muesch, a guy who survived a tsunami. And finally there's the secret to stopping smoking. Seriously, it worked for me, you read a book and then you will stop. It doesn't scare you, it just convinces you to stop. Listen to the end of the podcast to hear more.

Happy New Year &c

*In the event I find the un-edited version of this I'll whack it up straight away. Little annoying that this has a few early edits on it.

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