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This week's episode of The CON features a couple of interviews with David Shayler. It also contains a cracking comment on the Lucid Dreaming episode which leads me neatly into why that is to be your first step into "the occult".

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040 Stanton Friedman on aliens & ET contact

Last week's interview with Timothy Good has kind of kicked off a bit of a UFO trip for me at the moment so it's that aspect of the Margerrison archives we're plumbing the depths of again this week.

I also try to explain my Meme launching attempts.

And we get to another interesting lucid dreaming experience.

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We got some vital feedback to last week's episode in the form of a comment on my blog ( ) which is read out in this week's episode. If you have been trying the lucid dreaming experiments outlined last week put your results into the comments section and we'll look at your experiences soon.

If you do go check out my personal blog, or maybe you're even reading this on it now, there's a big grey iTunes button you can click on to subscribe to the podcast.

A side note here, I forget to mention in this podcast that the interview seems to be me in my full on "true believer" mode where I totally went for the idea that ET's were real. I'm not so sure on all that these days but still consider it possible.

Nick Margerrison


Timothy Good is here:

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The long promised lucid dreaming episode.

In this week's Cult Of Nick we get into our first proper collective "occult" experiement. We will be following the popular series of essays I wrote for the Disinfo website, "Essays For The Discordian Occultist" over the next few months. I intend to return to this topic

The interviews on this podcast are with Zoe 7 and they are wide ranging. Personally I find it interesting to hear my style pick up so dramatically between the first one and the second.

I seem to remember Zoe was one of our first guests and I really dug his style, even though I might not agree with all his conclusions. Here's his website, he promises an update soon:

PS - a mate of mine wondered how to subscribe to this podcast on iTunes ... go onto my personal blog and click on the grey giant button there, easiest way.

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