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A belief system is sometimes tricky to spot in the cut and thrust of your average cult member's life. There's nothing wrong with beliefs it's just important to remember how alike to fantasy they are. These two interviews are on the same theme. One of them is about a tribe in the middle of nowhere and the other is from a writer who scribbled out an ace book a few years ago called "Don't Get Fooled Again".

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Without doubt Stewart Lee cut a heroic figure in my life for a certain period. He was obviously brilliant yet had been totally abandoned by the mainstream for no clear reason. It fascinated me that someone who was so obviously a genius in his field was playing small rooms and doing wilfully odd things at gigs.

This interview was done just before he hit the bigtime for a second time. It's an interesting little period piece in that sense. However, it's very much a fan interview so I suggest you go watch some of his stuff on YouTube first.



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This interview with "Prophet Yaweh" is marked with an "explicit" rating. It's potentially VERY offensive. The point of it is to suggest that you can and do create your own reality by projecting your intent outwards. If your intent is to call down a UFO or ET or Demon, you'd be surprised at the apparent results. I don't suggest you call one, I do think the 50p experiment in the previous podcast might be a better idea.

"and the only reason I was abducted by aliens in Kathmanduin 1994 was because I went to Kathmandu in 1994 to be abducted by aliens! And it works right? And these fuckers, they will turn...

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This podcast features an interview with Jerry Gandalfo, an expert in Voodoo. It also contains part 2 of Essays For The Discordian Occultist. This is an audio version of the series I wrote for the website. They're easily found there.

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