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Tony gives us a rundown of some of his experiences in both the esoteric world and the slightly more predictable world of "the media". Tony has a number of incredible stories to tell and he's always engaging. He gathered quite a following after his appearances on both the old TV and radio shows.

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Make sure you read this article I wrote here:

It's this which I'm talking to comedian Lee Camp about. His website is here:

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It's that which I reference in the last bit of the podcast.

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It's how I start things off on today's episode.

The interview is with Michael Mott, he's a top ET researcher.

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In reverse order on this week's episode of The Cult Of Nick we have:

Ian R Crane informs us with an alternative perspective on Man Made Global Warming. His website is here:

Eric Steel's first film the bridge is our next topic of conversation. It has an official website here:

We kick off though with Phil Zimbardo who speaks about the Stanford Prison Experiement. His web presence is here:

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The reality TV show Big Brother is clearly an off shoot of The Stanford Prison Experiment. I'm not sure I've heard anyone putting this point to its originator Phil Zimbardo before.

This is the final bonus upload and it means all "The C.O.N." is now available on this podcast stream.

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Bob and Alice Maeder talk here about their daughter's involvement with the "Heaven's Gate" cult.

There is a fantastic documentary on this subject here:

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An interview with Carmen Reed. Interesting story I think. Give us your thoughts.

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The next bonus episode, there's one more of these to come.

It contains The Dream Dudes, Pastor Deacon, Alf The Freegan and Frans De Waal. All of them became legends on the show. There's also a call in there about terrorism, it features my phone in style. Interesting because I'm not sure who I agree with, me or the caller.


Keep sharing these bonus episodes, they're a good introduction to the podcast. Downloads are nice and high at the moment so it's very rewarding putting these together.

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