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This episode of the podcast features a live interview with Nick Pope who used to work for the ministry of defence. It also features this rant from the blog.

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Nick Margerrison

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I kick off with a rant taken from my Twitter and written up on my blog.

Guests this week include archive interviews with Paul Tait (their website appears to be down at the moment) and Richard Wiseman (his excellent blog is here).

The music is from Zero Friends Recordings and our album is available to purchase here. Every time someone buys it a poor musician and broke broadcaster cry tears of joy!

Thanks to everyone who has continued to support The Cult Of Nick!

Nick Margerrison

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The Cult Of Nick looks at UFOs and ETs today with an interview from the archives featuring Tom Montalk.

Tom's internet home is here.

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Nick Margerrison

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Travis Verge caused a major stir with his story of demonic possession. This interview is in two halves, one is the story and the second is the same story but with a few extra questions in the name of my producer's sanity at the time.

There are two monologues on this podcast, both taken from the blog:

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The music on this is from ZERO FRIENDS RECORDINGS go there to find part one of the album we've been working on.

Nick Margerrison

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