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This week's podcast is a mix of old Hallam FM calls and two new interviews with and Quisling Meet ( who tweet here )


Been very busy recently, looking forward to having a bit more time soon.


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Historia Discordia is the title of Adam Gorightly's latest work. It's a great book. Stuffed full of documents which reveal the true (and not so true) history of the religion about which I am sincere but not so serious, Discordianism.

There's an excellent review here:

It's written by friend of the show JMR Higgs, whose interview continues to pull in the downloads each month. You can go to the page with that on by clicking this:

I mention this video here:

You will be delighted to hear that our house band, Zero Friends Recordings, are now officially called...

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Below there SHOULD be an embedded tweet. If not it's here:

Gareth sent me THIS article here: 

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The wonderful Klaus Dona joins us on the podcast in the first half. I wrote a piece on him here a while back, since then I've enjoyed hearing more about his work from listeners to The Cult Of Nick.
There were a huge number of requests for him to be interviewed by me and this piece is in part thanks to that.
Klaus tweets here: @DonaKlaus
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Jamie Bartlett, wrote a piece on POP CULTURE RELIGIONS here and TRANSHUMANISM here. Both articles are well worth a read. He's worth a follow on Twitter here.

Tony Durant is featured here.

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