The Nick Margerrison podcast

Features conversations with Adam Bloom, Alan Boss, Alan Hatfield, Andre Carmichael, Burt Backwards and Brook Agnew.

Music from @QuislingMeet

Features audio from this news piece:

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Jon Gaunt is the chap I've been working on FUBAR Radio with over the last few months. He tweets here.


Greg Carlwood's The Higherside Chats is a great listen. We share a few listeners in common. He tweets here.

During the discussion we mention a chap who has strong views about "New Age" psychedelic thinking. His stuff is here.


Then there's Quisling Meet, they are here.



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Music from Quisling Meet, aside from the cracking live version of "Tony Bucking Flair" right at the end from Mirrorkill....

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Cat video:

Blossom Goodchild:

Here's an article I wrote about the middle east:

The Little Book of Rare and Unpublished Oddities,nitz-g-kent-9781436352673

Charlie Uchea:

I assume this is her Twitter. Thought she was always a great guest. Great sense of humour.

This podcast took ages to make. Share it out amongst the great and the good.


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