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Fresh from the excitement of Festival 23 the world's favourite least sinister cult on the internet dives right into an impenetrable chat about magic and Eris. Also we have Twitchy Spleen from the now legendary band GIBLET and clips from their awesome work "Holding The Egg'. Smear the podcast all over the internet like some sort of smelly steaming truth nugget. We're recruiting new members at the moment, having an actual audience for this is turning into fun. And don't forget to congratulate our excellent guests via their social media: @dleeahp - Dave Lee. @twitchey_spleen - Twitchy Spleen of GIBLET NM
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Our guest this time round is described on her website thus: "Dr Penny Sartori worked as a nurse in a British hospital for 21 years, 17 of those being in Intensive Care. She is highly experienced and skilled in her role as an intensive care staff nurse; and has conducted unique and extensive research into the near-death experiences (NDEs) of her patients. In 2005 she was awarded a PhD for her research into NDEs. Dr Sartori’s work has received worldwide attention and media coverage. She has spoken at many conferences both nationally and internationally and her work has received the attention of HRH Prince Charles." I'm sure you'll agree, she was a great speaker. Her book is well worth a look, it works as a beginner's guide but then goes quite in depth. A little like this chat... Post your thoughts in the comments section of or tweet me on @nickmargerrison You can find Dr Sartori on @DRPENNYSARTORI Do share this particular episode far and wide. We're looking at a nice...
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An excellent chat about telepathy. Worth looking down the time line of this podcast for the episode where I speak with Dr Sheldrake on this topic if you're new to the show. Dr Powell's website is here: Astounding work from The Cult's listeners in pushing the audience up. Our downloads are at a nice healthy 5,000 per episode. Keep recruiting new members, post it up on forums and websites around the globe. The article I mention is here: The excellent music you can hear is here: Also I will be doing a talk at Festival 23 Go see - get tickets and say hello!
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Long term Cult listeners will be aware of my obsession with the idea of free speech around the turn of 2013-2014. I loved Claire's book "I find that offensive", the focus of this interview. Please spread the word that the podcast has returned! Invite a mate to join the internet's least sinister cult of Discord! Here's Claire's bio: Claire Fox is the director of the Institute of Ideas, which she established to create a public space where ideas can be contested without constraint. She has a particular interest in education and social issues such as crime and mental health. Claire is a panellist on BBC Radio 4’s The Moral Maze and is regularly invited to comment on developments in culture, education and the media on TV and radio programmes such as Question Time and Any Questions? She is also a columnist for TES (Times Education Supplement) and MJ (Municipal Journal). Claire is an Executive Board member of the Institute for Risk and Disaster Reduction (IRDR), UCL, and a Fellow of Wellington College....
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The Cult Of Nick relaunches with an awesome interview featuring Ashley Mortimer of The Doreen Valiente Foundation.


There's a few words at the end about cult founder Mr Margerrison's bumbling from one talk station to another, which put the podcast on a slight hiatus for a while.


In that period, weirdly, the audience has grown some more, looking at approximately 5,000 listeners (per podcast) these days.


The Discordian tribe is expanding!





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