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Two creative entities on this podcast, firstly we've got the affable Gareth Icke - his music features on the podcast and it's great. I've watched his career blossom over the years through the social media web that we weave around ourselves. Since recording this interview he has said he's going to be entering the world of podcasting - excellent news. It'll be interesting to see how his political discussions develop but it'd be a crying shame if he neglected his music. Go see his website here:

Also on the podcast we have Gareth Evans, his work "The Box Society" is interesting. We discuss his book and more widely we get into a conversation about the occult and mental health. If you like the sound of him why not go here and have a look:

There follows an audio collage about Brexit, which sounds better than it looks when I write it out as a sentence.

Feedback via twitter:

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Hail Eris, All Hail Discordia.

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This podcast sees debut interviews from two excellent guests. Firstly the writer of "Media Monster" OMJ Ryan joins us, his website is here:

His book gets a good plug on the podcast and it's easily worth a few of your shekels. Both entertaining and interesting, I read the whole thing in about a week.

Also on the podcast we have another fiction writer, Summer Heacock. Her website is here - - and her excellent twitter feed is here:

Then, towards the end of the podcast, where we traditionally go for a bit of a ramble I mention a bunch of stuff which originally I had loads more to say about... only to accidentally delete the audio I was working on. Hey ho.

The bare bones were -

Blair White says right wing YouTubers are faking resistance to their work:

And Grievance Studies lances the puss filled boil of left wing academia:

And the potted version of what I was going to say was; 'if you spend your time trying to shut people up you are generally helping their cause'. So, who needs a big long hour of audio to say that eh? We're fine. All bases covered. Some of them belong to us.

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I've interviewed David Shayler a number of times over the years, this conversation works as an introduction to him and, in my opinion, is one of our best discussions to date. He tweets here:

The Psychedelic Detective Agency's podcast continues to go from strength to strength, this conversation gives you an idea of what they're like. Imagine it without me interrupting them and spouting nonsense all the time and you're on the right track. Go see:

My twitter handle is here:

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Helen Pluckrose's work is excellent, she tweets here:

Darren Harrison tweets under the name @dazthetory

The excerpt from The Cult of Nick comes from the "Magnum Opus" sessions, the first of which is here:

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Lucy Brown, the former camera woman for Tommy Robinson joins us to explain what has happened since her last interview. In short, she's been attacked in the street multiple times, organised a huge protest in favour of free speech and left the employment of the EDL founder. Her website is here: and she tweets here:

"The right to openly discuss ideas must be defended" footage is here.

The Rotherham report is here: DOWNLOAD IT AND READ IT

Lucy's piece on the subject of Tommy Robinson and the subsequent mass protests which have been seen in major cities up and down the UK is here.

The end bit where I bang on about free speech and boats is taken from the impenetrable earlier podcast, The Cult of Nick, which preceeds this one. It's one of the most difficult episodes to listen to but weirdly it's had 1,000's of downloads - MAGNUM OPUS II

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As if to perfectly demonstrate why I hate covering news in the podcast medium this was recorded before Tommy Robinson, the former EDL leader, now citizen journalist and activist, was jailed for breeching the terms of his suspended sentence. There's potentially a whole other podcast in that topic, maybe another time, it depends. My thoughts haven't really shifted from the position you'll find them at in this little sound collage. As always I'm open to thoughts on twitter:

Featuring; Vanity Von Glow (3mins in), her twitter is to be found here - and, displaying their work and agreeing to a friendly chat at Harbinger's The Rapture ( their site here: ) were ARTŪRS BĒRZIŅŠ ( 1:02:00 in, his work here: ) Nazanin Moradi ( 1:07:56 in, her site here: ) and Ray Fiasco ( 1:15:54 in, his twitter is here: )

The Munk Debate is here:

Alongside clips from the podcast's back catalogue, all of which is sat in the archive waiting for you to find it... good luck!

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Dave Marsh's YouTube is here:

The guy on a harness on the ISS space station, which I found surprisingly convincing, is here:

We've lost the technology to go to the moon:

They lost the tapes?

Audio from here:

How did we lose the technology to go to the Moon? Originally appeared on Quora - the 'knowledge sharing network where compelling questions are answered by people with unique insights'.

I reference this article here:

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Featuring Professor Kathleen Richardson of the CAMPAIGN AGAINST SEX ROBOTS!

And the broadcaster Jonny Gould @jonnygould

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Dr David Clarke joins us to discuss UFOs and the UK's national archives. It's sure to throw a cat amongst the pigeons as regards a good chunk of the audience to the podcast so I expect your feedback. If you are intrigued by his work go to his website here: or follow him on twitter: @shuclarke 

Mike Stuchbery is an ardent anti-fascist and left wing twitter user. He has frequently been engaged in online battles with Infowars's Paul Joseph Watson and, as he says himself, this is one of the things that has given him such an impressive online presence. He tweets here @MikeStuchbery_ or, if you'd like to buy him a coffee, he has a website for that purpose here:

My twitter is here: @nickmargerrison

Share the podcast far and wide. We're getting an impressive level of downloads since my return to podcasting, all jolly good fun. Thanks for the support so far!

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This episode features a new interview with the journalist and proficient twitter user Nick Monroe @NickMon1112 we cover the rise of censorship in the UK and its recent worrying increase. A genuinely draconian power emerging in our midst, or just a straightforward battle between good people and those who want to say mean things? Would genuinely appreciate feedback on this one. My twitter @nickmargerrison

The podcast which interviewed me is excellent, follow it:

The end is a clip from an earlier episode, 101 in the back catalogue. Go search it out.

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This week we return to a major theme; free speech.

Joining us we have Lucy Brown, who tweets as @LucyFrown on twitter. She gives us her point of view on the so-called "new right". A movement which involves younger people taking on perspectives which are traditionally seen as the preserve of dusty old folk.

We also have John O'Connell, representing the twitter account and website @Far_Right_Watch he puts forward his view on "hate speech" and explains a position which we've discussed critically in the past on the podcast.

Finally we have an old interview with Peter Hitchens, who tweets as @ClarkeMicah and is probably one of the most amusing accounts on that social media site, largely because he spends all his time arguing with randoms.

Thanks for all the nice words about last fortnight's effort. We've got quite an audience cooking here, I didn't expect it to take off quite so quickly. Do keep spreading the word. We'll have another one in a couple of weeks, assuming the Goddess is kind in her chaos.

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The podcast returns - with a new name, some new noises and plans to take over the world.

Today's offering features interviews which have been kept in cold storage for some time, one on the subject of hypnosis (Tom Fortes-Mayer) and the other on the subject of censorship (Emory Andrew Tate III).

Cult members are asked for ideas regarding some of the older content, what should we showcase to the new tsunami of listeners we're about to encounter? Also - who would we like to hear on the podcast, who might we convince to enter our lair?

Nick's twitter is the point of contact: - send ideas and thoughts.

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