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This episode features a new interview with the journalist and proficient twitter user Nick Monroe @NickMon1112 we cover the rise of censorship in the UK and its recent worrying increase. A genuinely draconian power emerging in our midst, or just a straightforward battle between good people and those who want to say mean things? Would genuinely appreciate feedback on this one. My twitter @nickmargerrison

The podcast which interviewed me is excellent, follow it:

The end is a clip from an earlier episode, 101 in the back catalogue. Go search it out.

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This week we return to a major theme; free speech.

Joining us we have Lucy Brown, who tweets as @LucyFrown on twitter. She gives us her point of view on the so-called "new right". A movement which involves younger people taking on perspectives which are traditionally seen as the preserve of dusty old folk.

We also have John O'Connell, representing the twitter account and website @Far_Right_Watch he puts forward his view on "hate speech" and explains a position which we've discussed critically in the past on the podcast.

Finally we have an old interview with Peter Hitchens, who tweets as @ClarkeMicah and is probably one of the most amusing accounts on that social media site, largely because he spends all his time arguing with randoms.

Thanks for all the nice words about last fortnight's effort. We've got quite an audience cooking here, I didn't expect it to take off quite so quickly. Do keep spreading the word. We'll have another one in a couple of weeks, assuming the Goddess is kind in her chaos.

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