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Lucy Brown, the former camera woman for Tommy Robinson joins us to explain what has happened since her last interview. In short, she's been attacked in the street multiple times, organised a huge protest in favour of free speech and left the employment of the EDL founder. Her website is here: and she tweets here:

"The right to openly discuss ideas must be defended" footage is here.

The Rotherham report is here: DOWNLOAD IT AND READ IT

Lucy's piece on the subject of Tommy Robinson and the subsequent mass protests which have been seen in major cities up and down the UK is here.

The end bit where I bang on about free speech and boats is taken from the impenetrable earlier podcast, The Cult of Nick, which preceeds this one. It's one of the most difficult episodes to listen to but weirdly it's had 1,000's of downloads - MAGNUM OPUS II

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As if to perfectly demonstrate why I hate covering news in the podcast medium this was recorded before Tommy Robinson, the former EDL leader, now citizen journalist and activist, was jailed for breeching the terms of his suspended sentence. There's potentially a whole other podcast in that topic, maybe another time, it depends. My thoughts haven't really shifted from the position you'll find them at in this little sound collage. As always I'm open to thoughts on twitter:

Featuring; Vanity Von Glow (3mins in), her twitter is to be found here - and, displaying their work and agreeing to a friendly chat at Harbinger's The Rapture ( their site here: ) were ARTŪRS BĒRZIŅŠ ( 1:02:00 in, his work here: ) Nazanin Moradi ( 1:07:56 in, her site here: ) and Ray Fiasco ( 1:15:54 in, his twitter is here: )

The Munk Debate is here:

Alongside clips from the podcast's back catalogue, all of which is sat in the archive waiting for you to find it... good luck!

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