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Don Miller is the chap I talk with at the start of this piece, I assumed that I'd get back, google him and boom - there'd be a website or whatever. Nope, no sir.

So, I watched his DVD, bit odd. I say I watched it, I flicked through it when I realised I couldn't find him online. These notes will update when someone - who is better on Google than me - tweets me the details:

Slightly easier with Mike Yardley, he tweets away here:

And his "Positive Shooting" page is here:

Robert Anton Wilson isn't in his earthly spacesuit these days but you can meet his public personna online, it'll do you good:

Jon Snow shows off his reality tunnel here:

Charles Fort is here:

Hail Eris, All Hail Discordia! 23

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Our show kicks off with Kim Justice, a YouTuber who I recently praised on the podcast, delighted she could join us. Her work focuses on 8 bit and 16 bit computers, the sort that were a huge deal in the 1980's and 90's in the UK. We get into various topics aside from that, well worth a listen.

Also our review and deep dive into Quantum Psychology continues with Chapter Two - The Problem with Deep Reality.

More of Kim's work is here:

Her patreon is here:

The Oasis doc we mention is here:

Random bits:

I am a robot:

The famous "non crime" tweet:

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James Patrick tweets here:

More on him here:

Malware For Humans is a conversation-led, independent documentary about fake news, big data, electoral interference, and hybrid warfare. Watch now on Youtube:



Robert Anton Wilson's work, Quantum Psychology, is available here:


I tweet here:

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Ian Marchant's book "Hero For High Times" is available here:

Ian himself can be found here:

He tweets here:

I tweet here:

Share this podcast with the largest possible audience you can find!

Hail Eris,

All Hail Discordia!


Try the CJ Stone episode... click here.

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Thad McKracken is a spirit medium, writer and musician.



His book Transmissions from out of time is here:

Black science links are here:

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Two creative entities on this podcast, firstly we've got the affable Gareth Icke - his music features on the podcast and it's great. I've watched his career blossom over the years through the social media web that we weave around ourselves. Since recording this interview he has said he's going to be entering the world of podcasting - excellent news. It'll be interesting to see how his political discussions develop but it'd be a crying shame if he neglected his music. Go see his website here:

Also on the podcast we have Gareth Evans, his work "The Box Society" is interesting. We discuss his book and more widely we get into a conversation about the occult and mental health. If you like the sound of him why not go here and have a look:

There follows an audio collage about Brexit, which sounds better than it looks when I write it out as a sentence.

Feedback via twitter:

Don't forget to share this far and wide via your social media channel.

Hail Eris, All Hail Discordia.

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This podcast sees debut interviews from two excellent guests. Firstly the writer of "Media Monster" OMJ Ryan joins us, his website is here:

His book gets a good plug on the podcast and it's easily worth a few of your shekels. Both entertaining and interesting, I read the whole thing in about a week.

Also on the podcast we have another fiction writer, Summer Heacock. Her website is here - - and her excellent twitter feed is here:

Then, towards the end of the podcast, where we traditionally go for a bit of a ramble I mention a bunch of stuff which originally I had loads more to say about... only to accidentally delete the audio I was working on. Hey ho.

The bare bones were -

Blair White says right wing YouTubers are faking resistance to their work:

And Grievance Studies lances the puss filled boil of left wing academia:

And the potted version of what I was going to say was; 'if you spend your time trying to shut people up you are generally helping their cause'. So, who needs a big long hour of audio to say that eh? We're fine. All bases covered. Some of them belong to us.

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I've interviewed David Shayler a number of times over the years, this conversation works as an introduction to him and, in my opinion, is one of our best discussions to date. He tweets here:

The Psychedelic Detective Agency's podcast continues to go from strength to strength, this conversation gives you an idea of what they're like. Imagine it without me interrupting them and spouting nonsense all the time and you're on the right track. Go see:

My twitter handle is here:

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Helen Pluckrose's work is excellent, she tweets here:

Darren Harrison tweets under the name @dazthetory

The excerpt from The Cult of Nick comes from the "Magnum Opus" sessions, the first of which is here:

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Lucy Brown, the former camera woman for Tommy Robinson joins us to explain what has happened since her last interview. In short, she's been attacked in the street multiple times, organised a huge protest in favour of free speech and left the employment of the EDL founder. Her website is here: and she tweets here:

"The right to openly discuss ideas must be defended" footage is here.

The Rotherham report is here: DOWNLOAD IT AND READ IT

Lucy's piece on the subject of Tommy Robinson and the subsequent mass protests which have been seen in major cities up and down the UK is here.

The end bit where I bang on about free speech and boats is taken from the impenetrable earlier podcast, The Cult of Nick, which preceeds this one. It's one of the most difficult episodes to listen to but weirdly it's had 1,000's of downloads - MAGNUM OPUS II

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As if to perfectly demonstrate why I hate covering news in the podcast medium this was recorded before Tommy Robinson, the former EDL leader, now citizen journalist and activist, was jailed for breeching the terms of his suspended sentence. There's potentially a whole other podcast in that topic, maybe another time, it depends. My thoughts haven't really shifted from the position you'll find them at in this little sound collage. As always I'm open to thoughts on twitter:

Featuring; Vanity Von Glow (3mins in), her twitter is to be found here - and, displaying their work and agreeing to a friendly chat at Harbinger's The Rapture ( their site here: ) were ARTŪRS BĒRZIŅŠ ( 1:02:00 in, his work here: ) Nazanin Moradi ( 1:07:56 in, her site here: ) and Ray Fiasco ( 1:15:54 in, his twitter is here: )

The Munk Debate is here:

Alongside clips from the podcast's back catalogue, all of which is sat in the archive waiting for you to find it... good luck!

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Dave Marsh's YouTube is here:

The guy on a harness on the ISS space station, which I found surprisingly convincing, is here:

We've lost the technology to go to the moon:

They lost the tapes?

Audio from here:

How did we lose the technology to go to the Moon? Originally appeared on Quora - the 'knowledge sharing network where compelling questions are answered by people with unique insights'.

I reference this article here:

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Featuring Professor Kathleen Richardson of the CAMPAIGN AGAINST SEX ROBOTS!

And the broadcaster Jonny Gould @jonnygould

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Dr David Clarke joins us to discuss UFOs and the UK's national archives. It's sure to throw a cat amongst the pigeons as regards a good chunk of the audience to the podcast so I expect your feedback. If you are intrigued by his work go to his website here: or follow him on twitter: @shuclarke 

Mike Stuchbery is an ardent anti-fascist and left wing twitter user. He has frequently been engaged in online battles with Infowars's Paul Joseph Watson and, as he says himself, this is one of the things that has given him such an impressive online presence. He tweets here @MikeStuchbery_ or, if you'd like to buy him a coffee, he has a website for that purpose here:

My twitter is here: @nickmargerrison

Share the podcast far and wide. We're getting an impressive level of downloads since my return to podcasting, all jolly good fun. Thanks for the support so far!

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This episode features a new interview with the journalist and proficient twitter user Nick Monroe @NickMon1112 we cover the rise of censorship in the UK and its recent worrying increase. A genuinely draconian power emerging in our midst, or just a straightforward battle between good people and those who want to say mean things? Would genuinely appreciate feedback on this one. My twitter @nickmargerrison

The podcast which interviewed me is excellent, follow it:

The end is a clip from an earlier episode, 101 in the back catalogue. Go search it out.

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This week we return to a major theme; free speech.

Joining us we have Lucy Brown, who tweets as @LucyFrown on twitter. She gives us her point of view on the so-called "new right". A movement which involves younger people taking on perspectives which are traditionally seen as the preserve of dusty old folk.

We also have John O'Connell, representing the twitter account and website @Far_Right_Watch he puts forward his view on "hate speech" and explains a position which we've discussed critically in the past on the podcast.

Finally we have an old interview with Peter Hitchens, who tweets as @ClarkeMicah and is probably one of the most amusing accounts on that social media site, largely because he spends all his time arguing with randoms.

Thanks for all the nice words about last fortnight's effort. We've got quite an audience cooking here, I didn't expect it to take off quite so quickly. Do keep spreading the word. We'll have another one in a couple of weeks, assuming the Goddess is kind in her chaos.

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The podcast returns - with a new name, some new noises and plans to take over the world.

Today's offering features interviews which have been kept in cold storage for some time, one on the subject of hypnosis (Tom Fortes-Mayer) and the other on the subject of censorship (Emory Andrew Tate III).

Cult members are asked for ideas regarding some of the older content, what should we showcase to the new tsunami of listeners we're about to encounter? Also - who would we like to hear on the podcast, who might we convince to enter our lair?

Nick's twitter is the point of contact: - send ideas and thoughts.

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Fresh from the excitement of Festival 23 the world's favourite least sinister cult on the internet dives right into an impenetrable chat about magic and Eris. Also we have Twitchy Spleen from the now legendary band GIBLET and clips from their awesome work "Holding The Egg'. Smear the podcast all over the internet like some sort of smelly steaming truth nugget. We're recruiting new members at the moment, having an actual audience for this is turning into fun. And don't forget to congratulate our excellent guests via their social media: @dleeahp - Dave Lee. @twitchey_spleen - Twitchy Spleen of GIBLET NM
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Our guest this time round is described on her website thus: "Dr Penny Sartori worked as a nurse in a British hospital for 21 years, 17 of those being in Intensive Care. She is highly experienced and skilled in her role as an intensive care staff nurse; and has conducted unique and extensive research into the near-death experiences (NDEs) of her patients. In 2005 she was awarded a PhD for her research into NDEs. Dr Sartori’s work has received worldwide attention and media coverage. She has spoken at many conferences both nationally and internationally and her work has received the attention of HRH Prince Charles." I'm sure you'll agree, she was a great speaker. Her book is well worth a look, it works as a beginner's guide but then goes quite in depth. A little like this chat... Post your thoughts in the comments section of or tweet me on @nickmargerrison You can find Dr Sartori on @DRPENNYSARTORI Do share this particular episode far and wide. We're looking at a nice...
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An excellent chat about telepathy. Worth looking down the time line of this podcast for the episode where I speak with Dr Sheldrake on this topic if you're new to the show. Dr Powell's website is here: Astounding work from The Cult's listeners in pushing the audience up. Our downloads are at a nice healthy 5,000 per episode. Keep recruiting new members, post it up on forums and websites around the globe. The article I mention is here: The excellent music you can hear is here: Also I will be doing a talk at Festival 23 Go see - get tickets and say hello!
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Long term Cult listeners will be aware of my obsession with the idea of free speech around the turn of 2013-2014. I loved Claire's book "I find that offensive", the focus of this interview. Please spread the word that the podcast has returned! Invite a mate to join the internet's least sinister cult of Discord! Here's Claire's bio: Claire Fox is the director of the Institute of Ideas, which she established to create a public space where ideas can be contested without constraint. She has a particular interest in education and social issues such as crime and mental health. Claire is a panellist on BBC Radio 4’s The Moral Maze and is regularly invited to comment on developments in culture, education and the media on TV and radio programmes such as Question Time and Any Questions? She is also a columnist for TES (Times Education Supplement) and MJ (Municipal Journal). Claire is an Executive Board member of the Institute for Risk and Disaster Reduction (IRDR), UCL, and a Fellow of Wellington College....
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The Cult Of Nick relaunches with an awesome interview featuring Ashley Mortimer of The Doreen Valiente Foundation.


There's a few words at the end about cult founder Mr Margerrison's bumbling from one talk station to another, which put the podcast on a slight hiatus for a while.


In that period, weirdly, the audience has grown some more, looking at approximately 5,000 listeners (per podcast) these days.


The Discordian tribe is expanding!





Like this podcast? Step 1, subscribe. Step 2, tell others. Step 3, Get all smug in the future when the audience is even bigger and yet you were here first...

Want to join the internet's least sinister cult? Only way to do it is to listen to every single podcast in this feed.

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Catherine Michelle O'Leary, the blogger I speak to, blogs here: The Neil Wallis podcast I mention is here: Robbie Graham joins us, his site is here: Music from The Decadent Marsupials and Quisling Meet.

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Gabrielle D Roberts gives us some thoughts on spiritual enlightenment. This triggers some conversation in the latter part of the podcast about initiation and enlightenment in general. And a few thoughts about Mars. The Cult Of Nick has finally moved to Talk2MeRadio - this means you can now subscribe to it via ACAST.

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Music by the legendary @quislingmeet


C.O.N favourite John Higgs goes through his latest work, "Stranger than we can imagine, making sense of the 20th Century".



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The Festival 23 website is up and running, here:


I tweet here:


The show's website is here:


Music by Quisling Meet.



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The wonderful Runesoup iz here:

Welcome to new listeners, you're late. We've been doing this for ages now. Want to join? You need to listen to every single podcast. You won't get it if you don't do that. It'll just be noise.

The wonderful music in the background is from an excellent pop act:

They are available for live gigs etc. Why not book them to spice up your next corporate event?

Speaking of which, it does appear that this podcast is now on the verge of earning money without "selling out". Cult members will be able to imagine how exciting this is. New listeners will not. But they might get an idea if they download the whole lot and join...


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A fun interview with The Right Reverend Ryan Richards [REDACTED]. We wander around the world of Discordia chatting about Pope Bob and the various projects this celebrated Erisian is manifesting. Further information here:

The podcast has almost "pod faded" in recent times. This is ironic because I am working on a project which will be focused on podcasting. Stick with me, cult member, the dawn broke a few months ago and a glorious podcasting sunrise is on its way.

Music from The Decadent Marsupials:

And the legendary Quisling Meet:


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Andrew Johnson from


As cult members will be aware - my work levels are through the roof at the moment. The podcast is now one week behind schedule. We shall catch up but the schedule on uploads is going to get a bit freaky for a while I think.

This was uploaded by my mobile phone. The picture we mentioned will follow tomorrow.


Here's a clip of the TV show:



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The wonderful Eve Lorgen is here:


Decadent Marsupials:

Quisling Meet:


Direct download: EVELORGENINTERVIEW.mp3
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Peter Robbins' Facebook page is here, follow him for more of his work:

Music from The Decadent Marsupials:

And the legendary Quisling Meet:

Our facebook page is here:

My Twitter is here:


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An archive show featuring interviews with:


Rob Simone's work is here:


Gary Heseltine is here:


Richard Holland: Paranormal Magazine wikipedia here


A debate about evolution featuring religious preacher Kerrigan Skelly ( his YouTube here: ) and physicist Simon Singh ( his website here: )


A random caller from my Hallam FM period pops up. It's from her call that this week's podcast gets its title.


Music from The Quisling Meet

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I reference this, well worth watching in full, GK Chesterton:

The Satanic Sluts don't seem to update their site anymore:

Commercial music used for review purposes only.

Uncommercial music provided for your entertainment by both The Decadent Marsupials ( their stuff here ) and the wandering genius that is Quisling Meet / Zero Friends Recordings


Onward to the eschaton folks!

Hail Eris!

All Hail Discordia!

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Stewart and Janet Swerdlow's awesome all purpose conspiracy website is here:

Russelout Brand speaks tosh here:

The rant I include was posted on this website

The music this week comes from here:

Been a bit late with this podcast, my aim is to release another tomorrow.


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Dave Lee's blog is here:

And his website is here:

And he tweets here:

Avital Raz's website is here:

And the video to her song "Edinburgh Surprise" is here:

Nick Margerrison

Music by Decedent Marsupials -

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A breakthrough podcast featuring Psychic Soldier Sarah Adams, her facebook here:


This is Tabitha-Browne

Here's the Heseltine article:

Music by The Decedant Masupials:

"There is no piece of music that is not slightly elevated by a fart noise as its puncuation point."

The Honest Book of E.Discordia Chapter 23

Hail Eris!

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Pat Mills is on Wikipedia here:

He mentions this book, here, The Cosmic Pulse of Life:

If you're new to Pat Mills's work a great place to start is the relatively recent Slaine - Books Of Invasions:

Here's the video I mention in the little rant at the end:

Direct download: PATMILLSsav23.mp3
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Melissbian tweets here:

Richard Conniff is here:

Rory Freedman is here:

Stanley Krippner is here:

Stephane Wuttunee used to write stuff here:

I tweet here:

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“No great mind has ever existed without a touch of madness.” ― Aristotle

Ian Harris is the Pastafari who plays in this band here:

They're called The Iron Boot Stompers and the track you hear of theirs is lifted (with permission) from this page here:

As I write his story is going national, The MirrorWalesOnline and The Daily Mail. This is after his picture...

Direct download: PASTAFARI.mp3
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Matt Campbell tweets here:

The video we discuss is here:

Our UFO witness, Kenny Beardmore, refers to this story here:

This is NOT art boy is here:

The Betta Kultcha website is here:

And Ivor Tymchak tweets here:

All the music is from @QuislingMeet

And I tweet here:

And our Facebook, which mirrors my Twitter, is here:

Jon Gaunt's podcast is here:



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Project Camelot is here:

Donnachadh McCarthy tweets here:

Here's Obama denying UFO/ET knowledge:

Here's the Blackadder clip I reference:


Music by Nightstalker 5000 and Quisling Meet


My Twitter is here:

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Robbie Graham features on this week's offering to the cult. His excellent website is here:


The Adam Curtis piece referenced is here:


Our caller tweets here and his band (who tweet here ) put their music here:


Last week's podcast had over 40 something downloads in the Birmingham UK area. If that can translate into one person going to a gig of theirs and making pleasant conversation that seems like a bit of a win for our small community.

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Jonathan Black's web presence is here:

His twitter is here:

The website Potla mentions is here:

Tweet of the week is here:

My attempt at the meaning of life, which features at the end, is from this blog entry here:

@QuislingMeet do the music.

You're a work of art.



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142 - Contains the answer

Dwarf planet Ceres:


Pastor Jimmy Glover appears to have passed away:


Martin Creed is here:


The Flying Spagetti Monster:


Todd Robbins is here:


Follow me on Twitter, I'm planning to do another "phone in" section soon:

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141 The real matrix and the Illuminati's secret rituals

Anthony Peak can be found here:


Josef Wages' interview is 1hour 14 minutes in.

The book he's talking about, "The Secret School of Wisdom" is available here:


NikiTruedawn is the tweeter who has launched a blog explaining how their conversion to Discordianism is going:


The video clip I go to is here:


The music is from @QuislingMeet

I tweet here:...

Direct download: WORDSANDSTUFF.mp3
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Gordon White regularly writes here:

John O'Sullivan is here in his guise as Newsagent Provocateur:


Direct download: SEE_YOU_NEXT_TUESDAY.mp3
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Check out Jason's work here:

The music on this episode is from @QuislingMeet

Check out the documentary mentioned in the comments section here:

Follow me on Twitter here: @nickmargerrison


PS - we've been away for two weeks so don't forget to share both far and wide!

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I've decided to take a fortnight off after this one.


This show is composed of archive stuff, including:


Douglas Rushkoff is here:

Doug Yurchey's website doesn't seem to work these days..

Dr Laurie Nadel:

Francis Burns gets a mention here:


Be good - see you in a few weeks!





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I mention this video here:


David Shayler tweets here:

His Scribd site is here:


Our caller:

Ssent these links:

Not had much of a look through these:

If they're good leave a comment and I'll:

Read it out on next week's podcast.


Tony Topping tweets here:

Direct download: Goingtotakeaholidaysoon.mp3
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Ian MacFadyen tweets here:

Christopher Barnatt's website is here:

Alan Watts teaches meditation:

Think outside the box:

Good article about free speech:

Dr Jill Bolte Taylor:

Her BEAUTIFUL speech in full here:

Direct download: Ian_Mac_and_Chris_B.mp3
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Our first contributor:


He runs a T-shirt business nowadays:


How to deal with TV licences:


Tabitha Browne is here:


Our third contributor here:


HHOs explained here:


Cockney Reject:


The Three Amoviegos:



Direct download: Worked_out_how_to_do_a_phone_in_show.mp3
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CJ Stone recommends this website here:

He tweets here:

The Isle of Wight clip comes from here: MESSAGE TO LOVE

The "Operation Solstice" audio is from this video here:

Ian Bone's radical politics featured on The Jonathan Ross Show:

King Arthur's clip comes from here:

Jennifer Ellison tweets here:

The music on this...

Direct download: CJ_STONE.mp3
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Donnachadh McCarthy features this week.

His twitter here:

His Facebook here:

Stuart Hill's wikipedia is here:

Also - from the archives - Master Cosmic, who I can't find an online profile of...

Music from Decadent Marsupials, who Soundcloud here:

And Quisling Meet who twitter here:

Direct download: TOOK_FOREVER_TO_MAKE.mp3
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David Jay Brown is a consciousness explorer. His Wikipedia entry ( ) has more detail. My notes on this interview are simple, I think it's one of the best I've done.

Find more here:

Or Facebook him here:

Tom Binns podcast features again. Do find him online and subscribe if you like it. Tom tweets here:

Music by Quisling Meet, who tweet here:

Direct download: David_J_Badass.mp3
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I end with audio from this YouTube video here:

Dr L.A. Marzulli blogs here:

Todd Acamesis, the Astral Travel guy, is here:

The Decadant Marsupials are here:

Quisling Meet is here:

Eliot Best is here:

I am Nick Margerrison and here be my tweets:

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Knoxville Geeks were an odd pair. It's one of the stranger pieces of radio I'm responsible for.

Michael Serwa is here:

Congratulations to Daisy Eris on her wedding! Yes, there was a wedding as well. It was an excellent weekend!

Tom Binns and I continue to do a podcast. Do subscribe:

Nick Margerrison - tweets here:

Music by Decadent Marsupials who SoundCloud here:

And, as always, music by Quisling Meet, who tweet, here:

Also - weird Chi Guy is here:

Direct download: 130.mp3
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John Nimmo is our first guest. He tells his story well. There's additional detail here:


The lovely Urtema Dolphin is here:


And SheBeat music can be found here:


and here:


For various dull technical reasons I couldn't manage to put a track from the EP on so what you have is a Red Sofa Sessions version from here:

Direct download: KABOOMKAR2.mp3
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Gabriel D. Roberts and Aaron Cheak join us for a chat about the concepts behind "Gnosis" and "Alchemy". Both experts in their field it's worth looking at Gabriel's homepage here and Aaron's is here


Chris Rawlins is a memory expert. He sent me a copy of his book, I'm looking forward to reading it and will review it on the podcast in the future. His website is here:


The Decadent Marsupials provide the music this week.


As I'm not using Twitter at the moment it'd be great if you helped push this podcast out into the farthest reaches of the universe. Pop it on your social media feeds and spread it like you would a contagious disease...


All Hail Discordia.


Nick Margerrison

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Rob Jackson the vegan, his web presence is here. He tolerated a lot of nonsense to get his message over back then. Interesting how some of my viewpoints have shifted and some stayed the same here. Good piece. This looks like him:

Manuel Kirklin, a witness to the President's incredible meeting with aliens. At this point I was in my full on true believer mode from the sounds of things. It was an interesting belief system at the time. Curiously close to outright Christianity.

Kristina Powell dives in for a bit of facial analysis. Quite an interesting piece.

Tom Robisheaux's web profile is here:

Jenny Cockell features on Wikipedia here:

Direct download: 127_Badass_and_no_mistake.mp3
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John Higgs writes an excellent blog here and he tweets here.

The festival we refer to is here:

Thad McKracken writes frequently for Disinfo and has a facebook page which is very active here:

His book is here:

I tweet here:

The music on this week's podcast is from Quisling Meet, who tweet here:


Direct download: 126_Episode.mp3
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Daisy Eris features. She tweets here:

Everything you need to know about her play is here:


Adam Gorightly makes a welcome return. He tweets here:

His excellent website about Discordianism is here:


The music comes from The Decedant Marsupials, a collection of the Discordian members of @QuislingMeet and @Mirrorkill


I tweet here: @nickmargerrison


All of these messages have been approved by The Discordian High Church, of which I'm the fifth Pope.


The Discordian...

Direct download: KERRY_THORNLEY.mp3
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After recording this I was delighted to discover an article by Russell Brand advocating an end to debt, here:


The podcast features an interview with Dr Pete Yendle, speaking about "White Poppies" and pacifism.


There's a rant about cannabis being legalised which features on my blog here:


Bruce Friedrich's wikipedia is here:


Tom Binns tweets here:


The music is from The...

Direct download: thecon.mp3
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The Aetherius Society is one of my favourite small scale religions. Mark Bennet is their representative. They are often described as one of the world's first UFO religions. Their website is here:

The YouTube video I refer to in the interview, and borrow a few clips from, is here:

Also worth a look is this excellent Jon Ronson piece from his old and incredibly underrated TV show:

As a side note I was delighted to discover the entire series has been posted up there, apparently by World Of Wonder, the production company that made it. In the unlikely event they read this, do another series! I'll present it if Mr Ronson's too expensive these days. Probably my favourite TV show ever.

We cover the sad death of a...

Direct download: ERIS_123.mp3
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We feature two great guests this week.


Piers Corbyn's website is here:


Richard Dolan features on the podcast, his website is here:


I continue my pagan mumblings, as this was recorded during my pagan week. That's over now. For those not following this thread I'm currently trying out new beliefs and this week I've realised the truth is in The Lord Jesus Christ, in a Gnostic context. It's much trickier to pull off monotheism. It's so antithetical to me. Or it was. Managed to say my prayers a bit last night. Do Gnostic Christians do that? My only real guide to their beliefs is a book by Philip K Dick.


Here's the famous Independent story about how there's going to be no more snow thanks to 'global warming'.

Direct download: Piers_Corbyn_and_Richard_Dolan.mp3
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Scottie McClue, the man, the myth, the legend. Scottie's work was early inspiration for me. He seems explicitly Discordian, although this thought only occured as I began to write this little piece for the podcast.


Scottie's world record breaking tip top website is here


I wonder how his particular brand of broadcasting will be recieved by The CON's U.S. listeners? Comments and time will tell.


By the Gods, for I am a Pagan this week, the music is supplied by @QuislingMeet


And I tweet here: @nickmargerrison


And Scottie McClue continues his one man mission to educate the world on twitter, here: @ScottieMcClue

Direct download: The_McClue_interview.mp3
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This week's show features the PCC of Surrey Police, Kevin Hurley. He tweets here.


We also see the return of Ross Patel of Afentis Forensics to discuss the latest IS video.


Also, from the archive, we feature an incredible story from Patrick Hutchinson


And John Rhodes, famous for being a pioneer in the UFO field of Reptioids.


I tweet here: @nickmargerrison


Quisling Meet tweet here: @quislingmeet


Comments welcome.

Direct download: KEVIN_HURLEY_FREE_SPEECH.mp3
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Gordon White from Rune Soup features.

Music from The Quisling Meet

I tweet here




Direct download: CHAOS_MAGICK.mp3
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Ross Patel from Afentis Forensics speaks about "Jihad John" and the Foley murder.

Donnachadh McCarthy speaks about The Prostitute State, see more here.

Banishing Ritual is here.

Illumicorp, the Illuminati's "training video" is here.

Music supplied by

I tweet here:




Direct download: donnyjihad.mp3
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Features conversations with Adam Bloom, Alan Boss, Alan Hatfield, Andre Carmichael, Burt Backwards and Brook Agnew.

Music from @QuislingMeet

Features audio from this news piece:

Direct download: SO_THAT_WAS_THE_PROBLEM.mp3
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Jon Gaunt is the chap I've been working on FUBAR Radio with over the last few months. He tweets here.


Greg Carlwood's The Higherside Chats is a great listen. We share a few listeners in common. He tweets here.

During the discussion we mention a chap who has strong views about "New Age" psychedelic thinking. His stuff is here.


Then there's Quisling Meet, they are here.



Direct download: DONEDONEDONE.mp3
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Music from Quisling Meet, aside from the cracking live version of "Tony Bucking Flair" right at the end from Mirrorkill....

Direct download: DONEFINALLY.mp3
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Cat video:

Blossom Goodchild:

Here's an article I wrote about the middle east:

The Little Book of Rare and Unpublished Oddities,nitz-g-kent-9781436352673

Charlie Uchea:

I assume this is her Twitter. Thought she was always a great guest. Great sense of humour.

This podcast took ages to make. Share it out amongst the great and the good.


Direct download: PODCASTYPOOS2.mp3
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This week's podcast is a mix of old Hallam FM calls and two new interviews with and Quisling Meet ( who tweet here )


Been very busy recently, looking forward to having a bit more time soon.


Don't forget to check the blog for other bits and bobs

Category:general -- posted at: 11:46am EDT

Historia Discordia is the title of Adam Gorightly's latest work. It's a great book. Stuffed full of documents which reveal the true (and not so true) history of the religion about which I am sincere but not so serious, Discordianism.

There's an excellent review here:

It's written by friend of the show JMR Higgs, whose interview continues to pull in the downloads each month. You can go to the page with that on by clicking this:

I mention this video here:

You will be delighted to hear that our house band, Zero Friends Recordings, are now officially called...

Direct download: KABOOM.mp3
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Below there SHOULD be an embedded tweet. If not it's here:

Gareth sent me THIS article here: 

Direct download: PODCASTEROONY1.mp3
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The wonderful Klaus Dona joins us on the podcast in the first half. I wrote a piece on him here a while back, since then I've enjoyed hearing more about his work from listeners to The Cult Of Nick.
There were a huge number of requests for him to be interviewed by me and this piece is in part thanks to that.
Klaus tweets here: @DonaKlaus
Direct download: podcast_klaus.mp3
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Jamie Bartlett, wrote a piece on POP CULTURE RELIGIONS here and TRANSHUMANISM here. Both articles are well worth a read. He's worth a follow on Twitter here.

Tony Durant is featured here.

Direct download: DiscordiaFnordia.mp3
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Oberon Zell Ravenheart features. His website is here.

Nick Beigitch is on this week, he is profiled here.

Richard Machowiz is here.

Eric Steel's awesome film is here.

Kevin Booth, he looks after this.

Robin Cook articles:

The conspiracy.

Robin's article in The Guardian.

My Twitter:

Direct download: Untitled232.mp3
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Kathleen Puckett is here.

Dr Helen Mayberg is here.

Ed Grimsley is here.

Zerofriends Recordings has gone!

Direct download: POdcast234.mp3
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The porn stars featured in here are all very googleable. Unsure about name checking them here. Seems a bit misleading as we don't really go for titilation.

The Turing Test:

Legal Insurrection blog:

Music from

My Twitter:


Direct download: porn_pod.mp3
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L Vaughn Spencer features on this week's installment.

Dr Jordan Grafman who is profiled here.

Mary Roach is here. It is for this reason there's a warning on this episode. It's not the most obscene thing I've ever done on the radio. That title goes to the porn star who advertised auditions at a location in Birmingham, announcedit live on air. Not my finest hour.

It's all taken from my archive.

Music as always from

Say hello on Twitter:

Category:general -- posted at: 11:20pm EDT

The centre piece for this podcast is last week's interview with Caroline Martin, the BBC journalist who interviewed me on the topic of conspiracy theories. She tweets here: Her bigoraphy is very interesting and perhaps explains her unusual (by BBC standards) enquiring mind.

I get requests reasonably frequently for things like that and intend to do as many as possible over the next few months. In the event you're one of the many cult members who work in the so-called mainstream media and you'd like to book me to do somethink for your show do get in touch. Twitter is the best place to start.

Also on the show we feature an interview from the archive with Jerry E Smith on the subject of HAARP. His website is here:

And we feature a contribution from the inspirational Geoff Thompson. I...

Direct download: PODCAST_BBC_WM.mp3
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Michael Bisping was a good friend of the old Kerrang Show. It's odd to me that "The Night Before" seems to have anticipated many aspects of the subculture this podcast now serves. His area is mixed martial arts, he's an awesome athlete. Why this area is connected to esotericism is a mystery to most but I wrote an article on the topic for Disinfo here. Bisping's personal website is here.

Michael Menkin makes alien mind ray hats. His work is featured here.

Stellarc continues to astound and amaze the world. His website is here and, as is fitting with his work, it's nice and quirky.


Music, as always, from the remarkable


Direct download: CULTOFNICK_ARCHIVE_SHOW.mp3
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I saw Jonathan Cainer giving a talk about the new age, or "The Age of Aquarius". I was spellbound. I'm delighted he had time for the podcast, I think this is a really interesting little chat around the topic. If you get the chance to see him when he tours do take it.

A lot of messages and feedback on this week's podcast. If you're reading this blurb on one of the websites that have started doing re-posts the main site is

I always assume messages there are for publication.

Then there's Twitter:

And of course the music comes from

If you're one of the musicians who occasionally sends me stuff have a listen to his material, that's the "house style" so to speak.

Nick Margerrison - All Hail...

Direct download: PODCAST_102.mp3
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Joanne Summerscales is the woman who runs AMMACH, the Anomalous Mind Management, Abductee, Contactee, Helpline. Their website is here.

Joanne speaks about a conference she's organising. The webspace for which is here.

It's Jonanne's second appearance on the podcast, last time round we had a great response to her. Go on YouTube and look for some of their videos, well worth it. Search term AMMACH.

The music is from our friends at

My Twitter is here:


As I mention in the podcast I've suddenly become very busy. This is because I am now producing The Jon Gaunt Show on FUBAR Radio. His style is abrasive and his politics are "right wing". I don't agree with everything he says...

Direct download: podcast_101.mp3
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Given that it's my religion, Discordianism is a constant theme on The C.O.N.

Recently I went along to an event in Liverpool, which I blogged about here:

The host of the event was, Daisy Eris Campbell, also a Discordian. She features on this week's podcast with her story.

She's putting together a stage adaption of one of my favourite books of all time, Cosmic Trigger. What I've seen so far was nothing short of spectacular. I feel as excited as I did when I went to see the original Judge Dredd film. However I expect to enjoy it as much as I did the recent re-boot* while experiencing non of the dissapointment which came from Stallone's half arsed cock up.

Her website is here:

As I predicted Eris Discordia "is" rising and by...

Direct download: EPISODE_100.mp3
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Overwhelmed by the donations! This was a tricky podcast to record. I kept feeling all excited and nervous about the fact people have stepped up to the plate and popped money in the tin.


Trevor Homer is the first guest, he hated the fact I put him on the spot like that I think but went with it anyway. It's one of my favourite interviews because of the quality of his answers combined with the uncomfortable atmosphere as the poor guy has to live up to a claim I invented, namely that he knows how everything started. His website is here.

Jeff Belanger is our guest on the "supernatural". His website is here. Great guest, like Trevor I would welcome him back anytime.


Music on the podcast from

My Twitter is here.

Direct download: PODCAST_99.mp3
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The donate button has a fixed limit of £1. The principle in my head is that I reckon this podcast is worth a quid, for a year. If I were charging for subscriptions that's what I'd value it at.

Thanks to those who have contributed with Bitcoins in the past, my wallet is still on the main site:


This podcast features contributions from:

Art Campbell, his incredible claims are detailed here.

Brian O'Leary, who is profiled by Wikipedia here.

Ian Lawton's excellent website is here.

And finally William Little has a Guardian profile here.


Here's the article I talked about 

Direct download: 098_The_donate_button_emerges.mp3
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Pandora Spocks will be your friend on Facebooks here:

The Cult Of Nick has its own Facebook page. It's got around 100 people on it now. I don't really understand the site to be honest. Have a gander:

This podcast feels less craft and more art. That's what I wanted.

Music from

Direct download: 096_Podcast.mp3
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David Shayler is a man who used to work for MI5 but now claims he's Jesus. This interview gets right into the heart of his ideas.

There are a few areas we cover that are potentially upsetting, listener discretion is advised.

Nick M

Direct download: PODCASTNUMEROUNO.mp3
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095 Native Americans and more rambling

I'm quite enjoying putting these monologues together. However I'm worried the podcast is getting a little straight so next week's is probably going to be hugely edited and mucked about with.

Christopher O'Brien has a website here.

My Twitter is here.

Zero Friends Recordings is here.

Here's the YouTube video I mention:

Direct download: PODCASTYPOOS.mp3
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This podcast is deliberately more experimental than the last few.

It features really old bits from a phone in show I used to do and an extended monologue about ideas and the importance of Eris Discordia as we head toward the technological singularity.

Music from

Nick Margerrison - twitter here.

Direct download: PODCAST_MONOLOGUE.mp3
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Today's podcast features New World Paranormal's Tequila Carter. She chats to us about occultism and the search for proof in the world of Ghosts.

The pagan subculture in the UK comes up as part of the conversation. There's a similar scene in the US I believe.

Music provided by Zero Friends Recordings.

Little in the way of monologues on this one as I'm almost finished on the book. Details will be given to The Cult first, it's going to take about another month to finish I think.


Direct download: 093_The_Cult_Of_Nick_ft_.mp3
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I record these things in a rather odd way. I imagine no one reads these little blog bits. I never do with the podcasts I listen to. Anyway, this interview was a career highlight for me. I'm a huge fan of Texas Chainsaw Massace and yet I managed not to go too geeky with the guy.

Music is from

My Twitter is

If you do upload a soundcloud/YouTube comment aim it at my Twitter.

Hope all is well in your Discordian universe, or whatever it "is".


Direct download: PODCASTDONE.mp3
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091 David Icke

I've just finished writing my chapter on David Icke for the book I'm doing. My "conclusion" is that I like him because I don't fully agree with him, a very Discordian idea.

There's an interview with me here: NEON NETTLE

The music on this podcast comes from

My Twitter is here:

Nick M


Direct download: 91_Podcasty.mp3
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Peter Levanda:

UK Councils against flouride:


Comments via the blog:



Direct download: 090_Peter_Levanda_and_the_first_UK_radio_flouride_debate.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 4:37pm EDT

Chris Everard: one of the most interesting conspiracy theorists around. His website is here.

Rich Hall: if you're not yet aware of this man's work I strongly suggest you go now to his website, here.

The Regan clip is real, he seemed very interested in the possibilities of life on other planets. The Cameron clip, which he has still failed to deliver on, is also real and exists in the public domain thanks to Rich Hall's tenacity.

Nick M

Thanks to Cockneyreject from Twitter who pointed out the stereo effects on the original upload of this episode were a bit on the knackered side. I've tried to correct that but if problems still exist on your playout version please tell me.

Not quite sure what caused the inital problem, I think I overloaded one of the...

Direct download: 89_So_aliens_look_like_tadpoles_and_stuff.mp3
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088 The Non Rational Perspective

Peter Russell features from the archives, a great guest. Truely superb:

We get into the EU's army, which has been long predicted.

We also deal with direct democracy.

Music by

The clips of that woman are here:

Bronowski is here:

My Twitter is here:

Direct download: 088_The_non_rational_mind.mp3
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It appears one of the main sources of this recent news story about the extraterrestrial agenda at the heart of the US Government, which was posted by the semi-official Iranian news agency Fars, happens to be a guy I interviewed quite some time back on my old Kerrang show. His name is Charles Hall and his interview is featured in this exciting installment of your favourite podcast*!

We also have feedback from the listeners regarding the rights and wrongs of advertising and basic income.

And Eris D drops in right at the end to say hello, it's taken from the old TV show and it was voiced by the still very lovely Amy Jones.

Music supplied by

My Twitter is here:

*This podcast. This is your favourite podcast. You love it. You know you do. Well, c'mon, it's pretty good these days isn't it?

Direct download: PODCAST_INNIT.mp3
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Part two of the summary of 2013's blog entries. I'm genuinely amazed at how consistent my political philosophy appears to be. There's bound to be holes in it somewhere, if you spot any be sure to point them out. It's an ideology that has been forged in the heat of argumentative phone in shows over about a decade.

I kick off with some thoughts about David Icke's TV station, The People's Voice.

Music as always from Zero Friends Recordings.

Back to the archive next week.

My Twitter here:


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