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Catherine Michelle O'Leary, the blogger I speak to, blogs here: The Neil Wallis podcast I mention is here: Robbie Graham joins us, his site is here: Music from The Decadent Marsupials and Quisling Meet.

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Gabrielle D Roberts gives us some thoughts on spiritual enlightenment. This triggers some conversation in the latter part of the podcast about initiation and enlightenment in general. And a few thoughts about Mars. The Cult Of Nick has finally moved to Talk2MeRadio - this means you can now subscribe to it via ACAST.

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Music by the legendary @quislingmeet


C.O.N favourite John Higgs goes through his latest work, "Stranger than we can imagine, making sense of the 20th Century".



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The Festival 23 website is up and running, here:


I tweet here:


The show's website is here:


Music by Quisling Meet.



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The wonderful Runesoup iz here:

Welcome to new listeners, you're late. We've been doing this for ages now. Want to join? You need to listen to every single podcast. You won't get it if you don't do that. It'll just be noise.

The wonderful music in the background is from an excellent pop act:

They are available for live gigs etc. Why not book them to spice up your next corporate event?

Speaking of which, it does appear that this podcast is now on the verge of earning money without "selling out". Cult members will be able to imagine how exciting this is. New listeners will not. But they might get an idea if they download the whole lot and join...


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A fun interview with The Right Reverend Ryan Richards [REDACTED]. We wander around the world of Discordia chatting about Pope Bob and the various projects this celebrated Erisian is manifesting. Further information here:

The podcast has almost "pod faded" in recent times. This is ironic because I am working on a project which will be focused on podcasting. Stick with me, cult member, the dawn broke a few months ago and a glorious podcasting sunrise is on its way.

Music from The Decadent Marsupials:

And the legendary Quisling Meet:


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Andrew Johnson from


As cult members will be aware - my work levels are through the roof at the moment. The podcast is now one week behind schedule. We shall catch up but the schedule on uploads is going to get a bit freaky for a while I think.

This was uploaded by my mobile phone. The picture we mentioned will follow tomorrow.


Here's a clip of the TV show:



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The wonderful Eve Lorgen is here:


Decadent Marsupials:

Quisling Meet:


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Peter Robbins' Facebook page is here, follow him for more of his work:

Music from The Decadent Marsupials:

And the legendary Quisling Meet:

Our facebook page is here:

My Twitter is here:


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An archive show featuring interviews with:


Rob Simone's work is here:


Gary Heseltine is here:


Richard Holland: Paranormal Magazine wikipedia here


A debate about evolution featuring religious preacher Kerrigan Skelly ( his YouTube here: ) and physicist Simon Singh ( his website here: )


A random caller from my Hallam FM period pops up. It's from her call that this week's podcast gets its title.


Music from The Quisling Meet

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I reference this, well worth watching in full, GK Chesterton:

The Satanic Sluts don't seem to update their site anymore:

Commercial music used for review purposes only.

Uncommercial music provided for your entertainment by both The Decadent Marsupials ( their stuff here ) and the wandering genius that is Quisling Meet / Zero Friends Recordings


Onward to the eschaton folks!

Hail Eris!

All Hail Discordia!

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Stewart and Janet Swerdlow's awesome all purpose conspiracy website is here:

Russelout Brand speaks tosh here:

The rant I include was posted on this website

The music this week comes from here:

Been a bit late with this podcast, my aim is to release another tomorrow.


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Dave Lee's blog is here:

And his website is here:

And he tweets here:

Avital Raz's website is here:

And the video to her song "Edinburgh Surprise" is here:

Nick Margerrison

Music by Decedent Marsupials -

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A breakthrough podcast featuring Psychic Soldier Sarah Adams, her facebook here:


This is Tabitha-Browne

Here's the Heseltine article:

Music by The Decedant Masupials:

"There is no piece of music that is not slightly elevated by a fart noise as its puncuation point."

The Honest Book of E.Discordia Chapter 23

Hail Eris!

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Pat Mills is on Wikipedia here:

He mentions this book, here, The Cosmic Pulse of Life:

If you're new to Pat Mills's work a great place to start is the relatively recent Slaine - Books Of Invasions:

Here's the video I mention in the little rant at the end:

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Melissbian tweets here:

Richard Conniff is here:

Rory Freedman is here:

Stanley Krippner is here:

Stephane Wuttunee used to write stuff here:

I tweet here:

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“No great mind has ever existed without a touch of madness.” ― Aristotle

Ian Harris is the Pastafari who plays in this band here:

They're called The Iron Boot Stompers and the track you hear of theirs is lifted (with permission) from this page here:

As I write his story is going national, The MirrorWalesOnline and The Daily Mail. This is after his picture...

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Matt Campbell tweets here:

The video we discuss is here:

Our UFO witness, Kenny Beardmore, refers to this story here:

This is NOT art boy is here:

The Betta Kultcha website is here:

And Ivor Tymchak tweets here:

All the music is from @QuislingMeet

And I tweet here:

And our Facebook, which mirrors my Twitter, is here:

Jon Gaunt's podcast is here:



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Project Camelot is here:

Donnachadh McCarthy tweets here:

Here's Obama denying UFO/ET knowledge:

Here's the Blackadder clip I reference:


Music by Nightstalker 5000 and Quisling Meet


My Twitter is here:

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Robbie Graham features on this week's offering to the cult. His excellent website is here:


The Adam Curtis piece referenced is here:


Our caller tweets here and his band (who tweet here ) put their music here:


Last week's podcast had over 40 something downloads in the Birmingham UK area. If that can translate into one person going to a gig of theirs and making pleasant conversation that seems like a bit of a win for our small community.

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Jonathan Black's web presence is here:

His twitter is here:

The website Potla mentions is here:

Tweet of the week is here:

My attempt at the meaning of life, which features at the end, is from this blog entry here:

@QuislingMeet do the music.

You're a work of art.



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142 - Contains the answer

Dwarf planet Ceres:


Pastor Jimmy Glover appears to have passed away:


Martin Creed is here:


The Flying Spagetti Monster:


Todd Robbins is here:


Follow me on Twitter, I'm planning to do another "phone in" section soon:

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141 The real matrix and the Illuminati's secret rituals

Anthony Peak can be found here:


Josef Wages' interview is 1hour 14 minutes in.

The book he's talking about, "The Secret School of Wisdom" is available here:


NikiTruedawn is the tweeter who has launched a blog explaining how their conversion to Discordianism is going:


The video clip I go to is here:


The music is from @QuislingMeet

I tweet here:...

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Gordon White regularly writes here:

John O'Sullivan is here in his guise as Newsagent Provocateur:


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Check out Jason's work here:

The music on this episode is from @QuislingMeet

Check out the documentary mentioned in the comments section here:

Follow me on Twitter here: @nickmargerrison


PS - we've been away for two weeks so don't forget to share both far and wide!

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I've decided to take a fortnight off after this one.


This show is composed of archive stuff, including:


Douglas Rushkoff is here:

Doug Yurchey's website doesn't seem to work these days..

Dr Laurie Nadel:

Francis Burns gets a mention here:


Be good - see you in a few weeks!





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I mention this video here:


David Shayler tweets here:

His Scribd site is here:


Our caller:

Ssent these links:

Not had much of a look through these:

If they're good leave a comment and I'll:

Read it out on next week's podcast.


Tony Topping tweets here:

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Ian MacFadyen tweets here:

Christopher Barnatt's website is here:

Alan Watts teaches meditation:

Think outside the box:

Good article about free speech:

Dr Jill Bolte Taylor:

Her BEAUTIFUL speech in full here:

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