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Donnachadh McCarthy features this week.

His twitter here:

His Facebook here:


Stuart Hill's wikipedia is here:


Also - from the archives - Master Cosmic, who I can't find an online profile of...


Music from Decadent Marsupials, who Soundcloud here:


And Quisling Meet who twitter here:


The Facebook page for the podcast is here:


Nick Margerrison

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David Jay Brown is a consciousness explorer. His Wikipedia entry ( ) has more detail. My notes on this interview are simple, I think it's one of the best I've done.

Find more here:

Or Facebook him here:


Tom Binns podcast features again. Do find him online and subscribe if you like it. Tom tweets here:


Music by Quisling Meet, who tweet here:


Also features The Decadent Marsupials:


I tweet here:


Now go forth and, in the name of Eris Discordia, act boldly!


Nick Margerrison

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I end with audio from this YouTube video here:


Dr L.A. Marzulli blogs here:


Todd Acamesis, the Astral Travel guy, is here:


The Decadant Marsupials are here:


Quisling Meet is here:


Eliot Best is here:


I am Nick Margerrison and here be my tweets:

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Knoxville Geeks were an odd pair. It's one of the stranger pieces of radio I'm responsible for.


Michael Serwa is here:


Congratulations to Daisy Eris on her wedding! Yes, there was a wedding as well. It was an excellent weekend!


Tom Binns and I continue to do a podcast. Do subscribe:


Nick Margerrison - tweets here:


Music by Decadent Marsupials who SoundCloud here:


And, as always, music by Quisling Meet, who tweet, here:


Also - weird Chi Guy is here:

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John Nimmo is our first guest. He tells his story well. There's additional detail here:


The lovely Urtema Dolphin is here:


And SheBeat music can be found here:


and here:


For various dull technical reasons I couldn't manage to put a track from the EP on so what you have is a Red Sofa Sessions version from here:

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Gabriel D. Roberts and Aaron Cheak join us for a chat about the concepts behind "Gnosis" and "Alchemy". Both experts in their field it's worth looking at Gabriel's homepage here and Aaron's is here


Chris Rawlins is a memory expert. He sent me a copy of his book, I'm looking forward to reading it and will review it on the podcast in the future. His website is here:


The Decadent Marsupials provide the music this week.


As I'm not using Twitter at the moment it'd be great if you helped push this podcast out into the farthest reaches of the universe. Pop it on your social media feeds and spread it like you would a contagious disease...


All Hail Discordia.


Nick Margerrison

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Rob Jackson the vegan, his web presence is here. He tolerated a lot of nonsense to get his message over back then. Interesting how some of my viewpoints have shifted and some stayed the same here. Good piece. This looks like him:


Manuel Kirklin, a witness to the President's incredible meeting with aliens. At this point I was in my full on true believer mode from the sounds of things. It was an interesting belief system at the time. Curiously close to outright Christianity.


Kristina Powell dives in for a bit of facial analysis. Quite an interesting piece.


Tom Robisheaux's web profile is here:


Jenny Cockell features on Wikipedia here:


Chris Crudelli's web presence is here:


The music is from Quisling Meet, they tweet here.


I am Nick Margerrison, I tweet here, but not at the moment.

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John Higgs writes an excellent blog here and he tweets here.


The festival we refer to is here:


Thad McKracken writes frequently for Disinfo and has a facebook page which is very active here:


His book is here:


I tweet here:


The music on this week's podcast is from Quisling Meet, who tweet here:


Nick Margerrison

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Daisy Eris features. She tweets here:

Everything you need to know about her play is here:


Adam Gorightly makes a welcome return. He tweets here:

His excellent website about Discordianism is here:


The music comes from The Decedant Marsupials, a collection of the Discordian members of @QuislingMeet and @Mirrorkill


I tweet here: @nickmargerrison


All of these messages have been approved by The Discordian High Church, of which I'm the fifth Pope.


The Discordian International Council of Knowledge has requested that we make it clear that the answer to this episode's question, in accordance with both the law of fives and the apple of uncertainty, is a firm maybe.


Finally, a message from Eris D, transmitted from the very Sirius star. Discordia has insisted we make it clear that religion is a work of fiction. Names, Gods, places, and events are the product of the Goddesses imagination. Any resemblance to actual events, places, or deities are purely coincidental.

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After recording this I was delighted to discover an article by Russell Brand advocating an end to debt, here:


The podcast features an interview with Dr Pete Yendle, speaking about "White Poppies" and pacifism.


There's a rant about cannabis being legalised which features on my blog here:


Bruce Friedrich's wikipedia is here:


Tom Binns tweets here:


The music is from The Decadent Marsupials, a collection of all the Discordian members of Mirrorkill and Quisling Meet. It's from the session recorded specially for last week's episode.


Comments encouraged.

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