The Cult of Nick

Project Camelot is here:

Donnachadh McCarthy tweets here:

Here's Obama denying UFO/ET knowledge:

Here's the Blackadder clip I reference:


Music by Nightstalker 5000 and Quisling Meet


My Twitter is here:

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Robbie Graham features on this week's offering to the cult. His excellent website is here:


The Adam Curtis piece referenced is here:


Our caller tweets here and his band (who tweet here ) put their music here:


Last week's podcast had over 40 something downloads in the Birmingham UK area. If that can translate into one person going to a gig of theirs and making pleasant conversation that seems like a bit of a win for our small community. So, maybe, if you can go to one of their gigs, you should.


For what it's worth I think that single is a cracking tune.


Electric Toast has a great website here: They mention it in their comment. Further detail available there.


I tweet here:


The background music on this podcast comes from these guys: @QuislingMeet


Nick Margerrison

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Jonathan Black's web presence is here:

His twitter is here:

The website Potla mentions is here:

Tweet of the week is here:

My attempt at the meaning of life, which features at the end, is from this blog entry here:

@QuislingMeet do the music.

You're a work of art.



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Dwarf planet Ceres:


Pastor Jimmy Glover appears to have passed away:


Martin Creed is here:


The Flying Spagetti Monster:


Todd Robbins is here:


Follow me on Twitter, I'm planning to do another "phone in" section soon:


Or you can go on the Facebook page: which is an automated service that repreats the tweets.




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Anthony Peak can be found here:


Josef Wages' interview is 1hour 14 minutes in.

The book he's talking about, "The Secret School of Wisdom" is available here:


NikiTruedawn is the tweeter who has launched a blog explaining how their conversion to Discordianism is going:


The video clip I go to is here:


The music is from @QuislingMeet

I tweet here:

And you can find our Facebook page here:


Don't forget to subscribe!


Nick Margerrison.


Hail Eris!

All Hail Discordia!

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Gordon White regularly writes here:

John O'Sullivan is here in his guise as Newsagent Provocateur:


Here's Peter Obourn's resignation letter:


And here he is being interviewed:


The music comes from Decadent Marsupials, their soundcloud here:


They also feature the talents of @QuislingMeet


My Twitter is here: @nickmargerrison

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Check out Jason's work here:


The music on this episode is from @QuislingMeet


Check out the documentary mentioned in the comments section here:


Follow me on Twitter here: @nickmargerrison




PS - we've been away for two weeks so don't forget to share both far and wide!

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I've decided to take a fortnight off after this one.


This show is composed of archive stuff, including:


Douglas Rushkoff is here:

Doug Yurchey's website doesn't seem to work these days..

Dr Laurie Nadel:

Francis Burns gets a mention here:


Be good - see you in a few weeks!





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I mention this video here:


David Shayler tweets here:

His Scribd site is here:


Our caller:

Ssent these links:

Not had much of a look through these:

If they're good leave a comment and I'll:

Read it out on next week's podcast.


Tony Topping tweets here:

His website is here:


The direct democracy article I cite is here:


Nick Margerrison - I tweet here:

The music is from:

Who feature the excellent talents of

And Quisling Meet:

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Ian MacFadyen tweets here:

Christopher Barnatt's website is here:

Alan Watts teaches meditation:

Think outside the box:

Good article about free speech:

Dr Jill Bolte Taylor:

Her BEAUTIFUL speech in full here:

The music is a combination of a few personal remixes to @QuislingMeet and

If you go to that last link there are a few where I'm playing bass. All rather jolly.


Nick Margerrison


PS - don't forget I do a podcast with my mate, TV's Tom Binns: @tombinns

That's a comedy podcast, because he's a comedian. My role is to add comments "like a wise old owl".

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