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Gareth sent me THIS article here:


David Shayler interview I refer back to:

The Dead Reds are here:

Mirrorkill are here:


My Twitter is here:

Zero Friends Recordings is still homeless, I'm half expecting a fan site to pop up though, had a lot of people asking after him. He's fine, I saw him only yesterday. He's doing a lot of LIVE gigging with his band "The Quisling Meet".

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The wonderful Klaus Dona joins us on the podcast in the first half. I wrote a piece on him here a while back, since then I've enjoyed hearing more about his work from listeners to The Cult Of Nick.
There were a huge number of requests for him to be interviewed by me and this piece is in part thanks to that.
Klaus tweets here: @DonaKlaus
Thanks to ZeroFriendsReconrdings for the music. He's offline but he's more productive than ever. Saw him recently. Mentioned a few listeners were wondering where he was. He sends his love.
In the second half of the podcast I mention this guy's work:
Max Igan
The best summary of the story I'm covering so far is here:


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Jamie Bartlett, wrote a piece on POP CULTURE RELIGIONS here and TRANSHUMANISM here. Both articles are well worth a read. He's worth a follow on Twitter here.

Tony Durant is featured here.

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Oberon Zell Ravenheart features. His website is here.

Nick Beigitch is on this week, he is profiled here.

Richard Machowiz is here.

Eric Steel's awesome film is here.

Kevin Booth, he looks after this.

Robin Cook articles:

The conspiracy.

Robin's article in The Guardian.

My Twitter:

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Kathleen Puckett is here.

Dr Helen Mayberg is here.

Ed Grimsley is here.

Zerofriends Recordings has gone!

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The porn stars featured in here are all very googleable. Unsure about name checking them here. Seems a bit misleading as we don't really go for titilation.

The Turing Test:

Legal Insurrection blog:

Music from

My Twitter:


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L Vaughn Spencer features on this week's installment.

Dr Jordan Grafman who is profiled here.

Mary Roach is here. It is for this reason there's a warning on this episode. It's not the most obscene thing I've ever done on the radio. That title goes to the porn star who advertised auditions at a location in Birmingham, announcedit live on air. Not my finest hour.

It's all taken from my archive.

Music as always from

Say hello on Twitter:

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The centre piece for this podcast is last week's interview with Caroline Martin, the BBC journalist who interviewed me on the topic of conspiracy theories. She tweets here: Her bigoraphy is very interesting and perhaps explains her unusual (by BBC standards) enquiring mind.

I get requests reasonably frequently for things like that and intend to do as many as possible over the next few months. In the event you're one of the many cult members who work in the so-called mainstream media and you'd like to book me to do somethink for your show do get in touch. Twitter is the best place to start.

Also on the show we feature an interview from the archive with Jerry E Smith on the subject of HAARP. His website is here:

And we feature a contribution from the inspirational Geoff Thompson. I threw this in from the archive and, in listening back to it, think it's probably one of my favourite interviews. See what you think.

New music from

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Don't forget you can donate to the podcast on PayPal now for the button.


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Michael Bisping was a good friend of the old Kerrang Show. It's odd to me that "The Night Before" seems to have anticipated many aspects of the subculture this podcast now serves. His area is mixed martial arts, he's an awesome athlete. Why this area is connected to esotericism is a mystery to most but I wrote an article on the topic for Disinfo here. Bisping's personal website is here.

Michael Menkin makes alien mind ray hats. His work is featured here.

Stellarc continues to astound and amaze the world. His website is here and, as is fitting with his work, it's nice and quirky.


Music, as always, from the remarkable

My Twitter is here:

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I saw Jonathan Cainer giving a talk about the new age, or "The Age of Aquarius". I was spellbound. I'm delighted he had time for the podcast, I think this is a really interesting little chat around the topic. If you get the chance to see him when he tours do take it.

A lot of messages and feedback on this week's podcast. If you're reading this blurb on one of the websites that have started doing re-posts the main site is

I always assume messages there are for publication.

Then there's Twitter:

And of course the music comes from

If you're one of the musicians who occasionally sends me stuff have a listen to his material, that's the "house style" so to speak.

Nick Margerrison - All Hail Discordia!



This is the first listener funded podcast! The money ran out, I transfered £23 from the donations pot, and we're back online again.


I have deep issues around this subject. I've written this little blurb a few times now. Each time I've highlighted the reams of sincerely written but over indulgent text and pressed delete. This is all that's left.

The media establishment is a closed door to me really. I've been told I'm too "controversial" for the BBC to hire. Furthermore the fact I ideologically oppose their flat rate poll tax funding model, doesn't help. The commercial radio world in the UK, where I currently earn a coin, only has one news talk station, and I don't work there anymore. That I have an outlet for talk radio, here in this podcast, is something I will be forever grateful to you for.


The two podcasts I mention are here: The Psychedelic Salon and The Unexplained

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