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This podcast features an interview with Dr Steven Greer of The Disclosure Project. In my opnion they're one of the most interesting sites as regards ET's/UFO's.

As I say in the podcast, I'm not sure what I think about these matters nowadays but I consider them an important thought exercise at the very least. This interview is an example of where those thoughts can lead.

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Interview with Jon Ronson from the archives. I’m quite obviously a huge fan of his work. The film we discuss has been posted on Youtube and, while it’s there, I suggest you take a look. Link at the bottom. Title of the film is “Reverend Death”.

The second half of the podcast is the story of watching the Boston attack via Twitter. It’s based on a blog entry on called ‘Watching tragedy unfold online… #blamethebombers’.

Thanks to all the tweeters who helped us all make sense of that particular night. You know who you all are.

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"Reverend Death"

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This interview really struck me at the time. I was taken aback by how mundane everything was as the best friend of a serial killer told me about his time as a boy playing games and mucking about.



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Still one of my favourite websites to browse. This interview amuses me because of the gap between a true believer in the field and a casual observer such as myself's realities. Teleportation devices are real? Ace.

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