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An old interview with Armando Iannuci (Alan Partridge, The Day Today, The Thick Of It) comes out of the archive this week. Never broadcast in this form it's available for the first time now.

Also The Cult Of Nick's plans for the podcast to jump from hundreds of listeners to thousands in one month are outlined. Once you have downloaded the instructions into your brainium success is assured...

The occult symbolism inherent in James Bond is explored with the help of Philip Gardiner

And you get a reading of my recent rant: "Why we're not living in 1984 today: 'Orwell's Oversight'"

The music is from ZeroFriendsRecordings

Don't forget folks, that album is here

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I’ve kept an eye on the developments taking place in the world of the ‘virtual currency’ Bitcoin. “Buttons” is a guy who traded on forums but he has now had to cease this after his account was closed and his bank became inexplicably uncooperative.

His story is ongoing and, with his permission, we will return to him in the event of any major developments.

Also, on this podcast, I explain the album which a friend and I have made. It can be found here:

I’m on one of the tracks, “The Awakening”.

The rest is the work of ZeroFriendsRecordings and has been designed, with my help, as a meditational aid using the tarot deck’s major arcana. A proportion of the price you pay will go back into funding this podcast's hosting costs. You may recognise them, they've been the music backgrounds to The C.O.N. for a while now.

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Today's podcast begins with a new version of "The Global Awakening".

The music on it is from Zero Friends Recordings.

This is followed by an interview with

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This podcast contains an interview with Shirley Phelps-Roper from the Westboro Baptist church, less widely known then than she is nowadays the piece also features gay rights activist Peter Tachell.

Also there's an interview with a couple of people about a film called "Islam: What the west needs to know". It's one view on a very contentious subject.

Right at the end of this podcast is Part 5 of Essays For The Discordian Occultist. These essays will form the spinal collumn of my book but are, in early form, already published in full on

The music on this podcast is from Zero Friends Recordings.

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Nick Margerrison

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