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Pat Mills is on Wikipedia here:

He mentions this book, here, The Cosmic Pulse of Life:

If you're new to Pat Mills's work a great place to start is the relatively recent Slaine - Books Of Invasions:

Here's the video I mention in the little rant at the end:

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“No great mind has ever existed without a touch of madness.” ― Aristotle

Ian Harris is the Pastafari who plays in this band here:

They're called The Iron Boot Stompers and the track you hear of theirs is lifted (with permission) from this page here:

As I write his story is going national, The MirrorWalesOnline and The Daily Mail. This is after his picture...

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The video we discuss is here:

Our UFO witness, Kenny Beardmore, refers to this story here:

This is NOT art boy is here:

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