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This episode of The CON features Anthony Peake and Billy Bragg. The former is a literary favourite of mine, his books hang in the void between awesome story telling and genuinely solid research. The latter is possibly more famous in the UK than in the US. However he gives an engaging interview and I suggest overseas listeners look up his work.

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Introducing Poe Boy!

This week's podcast features an interview via Skype. I'm not keen on it, prefer phonelines, but there wasn't any other way. The person we're chatting to has been featured in The Daily Mail, irritated Ricky Gervais and mildly amused Stephen Fry. It's another unique interview to the podcast, I intend to return to the archive next week.

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On this podcast we speak to one of the stars of a recent UK TV documentary about our nation's Alien Abduction Hotline, Joanne Summerscales. The group she represents is called AMMACH The Anomalous Mind Management, Abductee, Contactee Helpline.

This is an interview unique to the podcast.

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This is one of the many Icke interviews in my archive, it was initially going to be my firs upload but then I realised you kind of need the background to his belief system for it to really make sense. Hence it's my third upload of an Icke piece rather than the first.

I've left a bit of "off air" banter in there. He is a very friendly chap and would occasionally give us bits of advice and thoughts related to stuff that had happened on the show.

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